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"Goose Troop" Recruiting

About the Clan:


Goose Troop is a brand new clan that is currently made up of myself and my brother.  We are both mature (I'm 28, he's 25), but we definitely have a lot of fun while playing, talking some friendly trash to the opponents and so on.  We are both very good at the game and work great as a team.  We usually win most of the matches we play in unless we can put with a team of people who go 2-17 in TDM.  We have not participated in any clan events as of yet, so this is a great opportunity to become a part of something from the ground up!!  Here's a little more info:



PSN: spidermonkey224

K/D: 1.65 (typically in the 1.8 range the past few months...started off real slow)

Age: 28

Mic: Yes

Nationality: Canadian


My bro:

PSN: gooseontheluse

K/D: 2.22

Age: 25

Mic: Yes 

Nationality: Canadian


If you would like to join the clan post some info about yourself, as I did above, or add me (spidermonkey224) on psn with your info and we'll go from there.  We would prefer people who have a mic, and we don't expect you to play with the clan every time you are on.  If you'd like to play with us, great.  If not, that's cool too, as long as you take part during some of the clan challenges.