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Need a solid TDM clan or team


Looking for a Solid team or clan that mostly plays tdm......


Currently ranked: 503 in world in TDM


K/D: 2.16 and a 2.10 overall


W/L ratio is a 5.27 I win 85% of my matches as well am in the top 1% in tdm on Elite.



I will check out your profile on Elite to see if you would be someone I would want to run With now im not MLG but IM not bad im better than most and I dont want to play with someone where we go on a good streak and loose because someone wont perform I am looking to play with the best THanks.




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    Look up xbox.legends or message me (Octoberist). We play mostly team deathmatch, kill confirmed, and could use someone good for the TDM clan ops. We have 24 members and over a 2.4 clan K/D, so you won't have to worry about carrying anyone.