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Ok, I think I got it, if I am always hosting, it means by connection is better than the other gamers in the lobby


Ok, I am always the host, so that means my connection is better than the other people in the lobby?  Also that means I am likely to be a victim to Lag compensation?  I have an Ipod, Iphone 4, Desktop, Laptop, cablebox and TV running off my router/Internet.  I am with TKS internet company in Germany and they use Arris routers, my max internet speed is 6Mbps, when I test through internet speed I always get 5.5 ish.  My internet speed suppose to increase this friday to 16Mbps so damn, I am lost on my own post,,,,,,,. So basically I guess my question is lag comp is normally my enemy because of a good connection at the time. I always have 4 bars and I dont know much about all this internet mess.  I thought you are suppose to just pop the game in and play. I am in the army and I swear playing this game and making sure you have the things necessary to succeed compares to that going out on missions at night in Afghanistan lol.  Got your nods, check, got your 10 mags, check, got your first aid, check, got radio frequencies, check lol