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Tell me why so many people use assassin. I don't know how many times I have die because someone in the enemy team is using assassin. Every time I play MW3 I have to be looking around every corner to make sure I don't get kill because of the perk assassin. Many people like me will be on a MOAB killstreak and will die 1 or 2 kills away because of assassin. My friends and I were playing in this lobby in ground war and the whole enemy team was using assassin in the game. Could the whole team reallly be using assassin because I don't believe it.


Dont even get me started with the snipers using assassin. They will be laying in the ground the whole game camping till they kill someone. If only in the next Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 they will take out assassin or ghost or any perk that doesn't let you be seen in the map it will be a dream come true.


Comment on what you think will make MW3 better if taking something out or putting something new in.


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Video 1v1 on Face Off