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Nearly there "Lag compensation seems to be a troublesome issue for the team behind MW3. Ruben explains in a lengthy set of tweets:"

A big part of it was narrowing down on the issue. We thought at first that it was a matchmaking issue. Which now that we have found an issue in the Hilbert curves that determine regional distance we realize it is part of the problem. Also the player visualization interpolation is not some single line of code somewhere with an on/off switch. It changed slowly over the two years it took to make MW3 and so unraveling that has been difficult. Our first attempts at fixing the issue did fix it, but only for some regions. It’s something that we’ve been looking at for the entire amount of time the game has been out. I have no idea why you got banned from the forums. I wasn’t involved with them at the time. but I have been completely dedicated to MW3 for the last month or so and am pushing very hard to make some changes.


Some positive news for a change lets hope they do it quickly.