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    Yeah but dude I went on youtube, added up all the guys time on the videos(and he was kinda bad at it on hero difficulty) and in total it was  about 5 hours and 40 minutes. He did story mode straight not stopping for anything except going on to the next destination.100th reply!


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    some of the devs have clocked at leats 30 hours on it but not sure if thats story plus everything else

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    Of course someone could beat the main storyline of any game within such a brief time frame if they simply rushed through without taking it all in, but that in noway reflects the quality of that game; particularly an open world game, such as The Amaizing Spider-man, with lots of side missions and exploration to be had.  Furthermore, those few rushing through on YouTube are not the norm. They're just doing it to be the first to beat the game or to show others their play through because they can. Most players will take their time, indulge themselves in the fantasy of being Spider-man and see all that the game world has to offer.


    Maybe some people ought to stop preemptively rating games based on some arbitrary quantity of time (10+ hours does not always yield a good outcome if it simply drags on), and focus more on the overall experience and quality of it.

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    Well said Eternal-CMO, I couldn't have put it better myself. When most fans of Spider-Man games play them, they savor as much of the game as they can, and as you said, indulge in the fantasy of being Spidey.


    Most super-hero games, like Batman AA and AC even, you could blow through the main storyline in 5-6 hours, if you're not getting everything out of the game that you can.

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    Is there any way you could make crimes pop up over and over again after you complete all the side missions? In a patch or something? I bet all of us would really like that, because without it, some don't think it's better than or on par with Spider-Man 2. Not me, though, I never played it.

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    Can you manually web-yoyo like ni SM3?

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    I saw on other threads that after you complete 100% of the game you won't be able to do random crimes,that they just suddenly stop.Please,Please,Please fix this because other free roam spider man games had this and when there is no crime it gets really boring and then there  is nothing to do.When it gets boring most people sell the game because of that after 100% completion. SO PLEASE ANSWER THIS OR AT LEAST LOOK AT AND TAKE IT INTO CONSIDERATION THAT YOU NEED TO FIX THIS PLEASE!

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    Yeah I agree, in Ultimate Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2 there were random spawning ennemies everywhere is the city, and all the time we were able to fight them : they were unlimited.

    It would be great to update this in the amazing spdier-man game : it will make it the best spder-man game ever I think ...


    Please !!!

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    Hi all,


    With the launch, obviously the devs are pretty busy, but I wanted to re-assure everyone that the first batch of answers is coming.


    One thing I wanted to clarify regarding some new questions we're seeing:


    -Any requests for new game features are being read and passed on to the devs, and care is being taken to make sure devs know how many users want each particular feature.


    -HOWEVER, we can't respond to these requests in the same way as questions about the existing game, because if any new game content is created, that needs to go through a formal process, and it would be announced much later (currently, no plans have been stated for post-launch content beyond what you can read about in the BradyGames guide).


    -SO: Please feel free to keep adding in feedback on the game, but know in advance that we can't confirm/deny/comment on individual feature requests in this thread.



    Thanks all!