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    You sure post alot for things that "don't mean a thing" to you.

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    AIM ASSIST really only is needed when someone is hiding behind something. If its a wall you usually cant kill them unless the wall is thin.


    It really serves no other purpose and doesnt take place over skill. Its basically meaningless.


    If someone is hiding behind a tree Aim Assist isnt the problem. The problem is that the player saw you going behind the tree or you arent playing "war" properly.

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    OMG you are right! I thought the option to disable it worked online. Forced aim assist /facepalm


    Skill has officially left the building if this is what gamers are building around.

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    aim assist exists on consoles because of the massive difference in accuracy offered with thumbsticks versus a mouse.  Most people play these games for fun rather than as some test of skill.  Aim-assist benefits us all equally so we're on a level playing field in that respect.  There's no real "skill" involved in these games in terms of the game mechanics, but rather in the tactics you use, map knowledge, positioning, use of cover etc

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    Anything done on a competitive level should not have assistance involved. There wasn't an aim assist for Michael Jordan when he was winning his rings. It was his own honed skills and abilities that proved the test to be the best.


    Using aim assist as a pathfinder through walls is bogus imo, not something that is NEEDED as you put it.

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    Yep I do. Thanks for noticing, but subjects such as this is just about someone who got killed by something in the game they dislike. I get killed by things I dislike all the time. Difference between you and me is that I do not come to the forums to say that it does not belong. If you don't like aim assist then you should take the advice you gave to iGotBombKush....Turn it off.

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    Aim assist should go I actually tried to turn mine off today through my profile. It's still on tho.

    I was fed up of it screwing me over when target prioritising.

    It would increase the level of skill needed if it was turned off as at the moment it slows the crosshairs speed down when near a target. And it helps quick scoping.

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         Calm down, it was a joke.

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    Micheal Jordan isnt a video game.


    With aim assist in "professional MW3 games" everything is still equal.


    Everyone has it.


    As I said if you find yourself hiding behind something and you get killed due to aim assist then that is your fault.


    What you are sounding like is some camper who gets killed and blames aim assist becuase you cant camp.

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    Read the rest of the thread /sigh.You can't turn it off.

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