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All MW3 fans/players read and post !

Ok so in a lot of games I join on MW3 people talk about the things they want... None have come',


So i'm here today to ask you guys what you want.
Although I have no input in anything If they see what everyone want they might add it to what is called MW3




So what I mainly here are about guns, heres a little list of what I here a lot


1. Intervention( Sniper from Modern Warfare 2 )
2. Ak74u ( A beloved gun from Black Ops, and Call Of Duty 4 )
3.AUG  ( A light Machine Gun from Modern Warfare 2 )


A list of Multiplayer Maps



1.Rust ( MW2 map )
2.Highrise ( Mw2 map )
3.Shipment (COD 4 map)
4.Crash(Orignally a COD4 map than added into MW2 as DLC)



1. 50.CaL 1 shot kill (Realistic)
2. Tac respawn sheild ( No Tac camping )
3. Model 1887 damage increase (Under powered)




Though we know that most of these if not none of these will come we can still have some kind of say...
The main reason being the space they have availible to add Maps, guns etc.



post your thoughts.