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Badass Battalion is recruiting!


Hello dear gamers,


Let me start by introducing myself to you, i am Ronny Henri, clan leader of a CoD clan community.


We  currently moved to another website and we have our own domain name and  looking for serious players for PC, PS3 and BOX 360 for following games:


Black Ops 2

CoD Modern warfare 3
CoD Black Ops
CoD Black Ops zombie squads for PS3 and XBOX 360.


We  are not interested in what kind of player you are or what you're K/D  (ratio) is. We looking for players who wanna get together once or a  couple times a week and play for fun or competitive trough Gamebattles.


If you you are looking for a CoD clan and not currently in one, please our website and register there.


Hope to see you soon.




Clan website: www.badassbattalion.com