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    Either way... When I throw knife someone(hit marker)... I tac knife someone(hit marker)... then they turn around and shoot me with a shotgun and on the kill cam it shows me running up, standing there like an idiot, then getting shot... Something is seriously wrong.

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    The term "lag compensation" has unfortunately become a one size fits all term for problematic online play in MW3. Famous Youtubers have a lot to answer for, they throw incorrect terms around like wannabe tech heavyweights. It's where the false notion of  "dedi servers will fix everything!" comes from as well. They spread misinformation.

    So when you see Johnny-13-year-old scream about "lag compensation" he just means that he wants the instakill/synch issues to stop.

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    Also, nice to know that Facebook Connect is tracking me on this site. Really guys... you just looking for the praise posts to refer to?

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    dastealth wrote:


    BladesOut wrote:


    Ok, so I'm in Kansas City, MO area.... Why the **** do I always end up in matches with Canadians, Mexicans, and Europeans? I host at least half of those, because I get hate mail on XBL when I dashboard because I'm 1+ seconds behind. I play solo and I haven't been able to find a decent match since 2 patches ago... I will never buy another IW game... EVER. Time to play some Black Ops. It may not be perfect, but at least I have a local only option.

    If you are host you are not finding them, they are finding you.... Wow revelation at its finest. Local matchmaking only works as good as everybody else that's searching...



    I think a significant part of the problem is that most people(the general population that doesn't know how matchmaking works) tell the game to search for a lobby and leave it until it finds a game. As a result, their matchmaking results will have much higher ping times because the game doesn't always find a low ping lobby on the first try. This leads to a large variance in ping among members of a lobby, instead of it being composed solely of people who have a ping under 75 to the host.


    Whenever matchmaking attempts to search for lobbies above the 75 or below mark, I restart the search. I suspect most of the general population doesn't do this because I usually end up in lobbies where I am one of very few 4 bar players, while the rest are 3 bars. And ever since the latest update that my router got, I rarely even have to restart the search anymore.

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    Agreed that a lot of the community does not understand matchmaking not nearly as much as they could. Granted that they shouldn't need to but when they complain about it, it bugs me a bit. That is why local lock was on to begin with but of course they had to switch it off without giving us an option to have it on for ourselves.


    @Blades - We know there is something wrong and so do IW. That is why they are trying to fix it. Yes I understand you can get hit markers with the TK and Knife but that is an issue in itself. Have you got a video you can show us of these things happening. A greater concern though is things like this though - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=In0IQp47uTI


    @Datura - You are spot on when you said 1 size fits all. Hence why in a lot of my posts I put commas around lag compensation so that people can see what I am talking about might not be lag compensation specifically. Youtubers are big time spreaders of things they have no clue about at all. They hear something and all of a sudden everyone is going on about it.... That's why we hear all of this lag compensation this and lag compensation that. They may as well start posting to fix lag which is a lol in itself. Worst one I've heard so far was the person who said that he lives in UK and wanted IW/ACTI to fix his 2/3 barring when he connected to people in the US *fail facepalm*

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    ^^^^^ This


    I know about matchmaking... and connections...


    I am a senior level/project lead developer. I develop enterprise level web applications. I retry as soon as it passes 75 as well. Then I get dropped in a lobby, chosen as host, and realize that everyone else is foreign or more than 750 miles from me or in an entirely different hemisphere...


    I guess I just need to change my NAT to strict and never host again. I mean, why should I be punished because I can afford the best connection money can buy around here while everyone else is 2-3 bar and/or a split screener?

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    I don't have a PVR at the moment... If I did, there would already be 100 + video links of my "WTF, I just throw knifed him in the head" moments that were deleted off of this thread. Not to mention the "How did I just knife one guy, knife a second guy, and get a hitmarker on the third guy that just one-shotted me?"


    I just wish this was fixed before I leave the CoD community... I mean in MW3 I am below 500 (last I checked) in knife kill medals and below 1k in throw knife kill medals...


    I was below 300 in knife and below 500 in throw knife before I quit playing for awhile because of the synch issues. I'm not ******** for the sake of ********... I know what I'm talking about. The synch issues aren't nearly as bad as when you are camping or firing long distance. The main issue is in CQB. I have enough (i think 5 or 6) golden guns to prove this even though I play knife/throwing knife only most of the time...


    You have plenty of video proof in that one clip (the TK thru the back) that something is seriously f'ed up... I experience this on a regular basis...

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    You can get dropped into a lobby which is 50ms or less (because the person who started the lobby was in that local vacinity for you) then get chosen as host and still have people who are red barring in the lobby BECAUSE they searched over the 150ms limiter and have found a high ping lobby. There is nothing you can do about that. It is like me trying to search for a lobby of ELITE objectives. Because I have no local lobbies in Australia I must search overseas to find one. The results is me having yellow and red bars. This is not the fault of the host, they couldn't do anything about it.


    In the same way you can search for a lobby up to 150ms and also get host when dropped into those lobbies. and guess what, someone is going to have 150ms of ping. Suprise suprise...

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    Yeah... I know how it works...


    All I'm saying is local search should work as "Not enough players found with < 75ms ping to your locale... Continue waiting for players or search between 75 and 100ms?"


    At least then players would know wtf they are getting themselves into...


    I personally would wait 5-10 minutes for a decent match.


    Btw, nice use of sarcasm... I applaud  you.

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    I really need to know whether it's all in my head or if this game has a serious problem when hosting.


    I don't think I'm a bad player but when I look at this over and over again, I just can't explain it. Sometimes I question how players are insta-killing me when I have to shoot more bullets to kill one player. Where's my "bloody red screen" that players seem to get when I shoot at them?


    I'm using Quickdraw while using a Ballistic Vest and yet I get "outplayed" by two buffoons playing Ring a Ring o' Roses:




    I don't get it to be honest. I watch other gameplays yet they seem to insta-kill whilst I have to work harder for my kills.