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More ragequitters in Beast ops.


    For the past month I have been playing black ops instead of MW3 and one thing I have noticequtting is more prevalent. Not just host quitting. I've had multiple game where my team or the other team leaves the game and gives one of the teams 2 players compared to the other team of 5. One example is on WMD when right as my team capped the B flag 3 of the other team left leaving ta 2v5. Later the 2 others left and as it was counting down from 20 as a forfeit one other guy joined. It left use wondering around the map looking for the one guy.


     Also with host lag issue there are a lot of host quitters. Even sometimes right as the game starts the host will end the game. MW3 has host lag to, but I didn't see as many host quits. I don't recoment using the Famas with host lag since it has a fast rate of fire. The Commando or any other gun with a slower rate of fire with high damage would be the best with host lag in my IMO. For people that care about their W/L this can be annoying seeing as how sometimes it can lead to a loss. When I pull host I try to stay. I find that using the Commando actually makes it better with host lag. I have a 7.00 kd on my back up profile with it and I only use it when I'm host. Still with the bad frame rate you can't just fully rush.


     My question is why does quitting (not saying all of it is flat out ragequitting) happen more in Blops compared to MW3? Could it be the combat record that makes people care more about there stats. That's what I usually think. There are the people with "tryhard" profiles.