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Call of Duty game help for NOOB!

Hey all! I'm new here...and new to Call of Duty. Been playing on and off for 6 months now. Before that I played games on Atari and Commodore 64, so I'm definitely new to shooter games like this. COD MW3 is my first game, and I liked it at first, but now not so sure due to hacking.


My question is this....would you recommend trying another COD game, and if so which one? Are they better than this one is right now, because I'm getting tired of losing. I am using the Wii Zapper and wouldn't know how to hack or modify that if I tried, which I would not cuz i hate cheaters (and don't understand them either). I don't do too bad, but my kill/death ratio is only like .67.


Any help would be appreciated.

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    Camp, FMG9 Akimbos, Assassin Pro, Type 95, ACR.


    Thats all you need

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      Thanks for the recommendation Sniper. I have actually tried most of those weapons and Assassin (not sure if it was Pro or not). I used to use the Barret 50 cal, but now I am using the AS50 and AK47, and sometimes the FAD. I always use two primary weapons. And the  only reason I have those weapons is because I entered a hacked room at level 45 or so and left the room at level 80 with all weapons available. That sucked because I was enjoying leveling up myself. Even with all these weapons, how can I keep up with hackers. They don't even aim at me and they hit me (they are sometimes at even a 45 degree angle to me not even close to aiming at me but they hit me). And I can barely hit them...one time I was behind someone calling in an airstrike and I hit him 6 or 7 times in a row but he didn't go down. He ended up with like 40 or 50 kills and 0 deaths. Can't compete with that , and don't want to.

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    Nice trolling Snake.

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    Get an HD console or a good PC and play BF3. I'm gonna tell you this before you waste so much time. CoD is a heap of garbage.. you will releaze this at some point down the line unless you listen to me right now. Hell, you don't even have to get BF3.. just spend your time playing other games that devs actaully put alot of time and effort into.

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    If you enjoyed leveling up (which I find very fast these days) then prestiege. Go into barracks, prestiege mode and keep pressing a.

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    Do what i do,play until double xp then prestige.

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    Play on HD consoles, you don't want to deal with the hackers.

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    Oh god, CoD MW3 is your first modern game? And you actually dislike it? Kudos to you!


    I reccomend N O T playing call of duty, and if you had to pick one...... black ops. Its not as great as W@W, but at least its not hacked to hell like W@W. Whatever people tell you, CoD4 IS NOT A GOOD GAME. Its only good on PC because of private servers than ban you if you use the BS that ruined CoD4.

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      Well you sound like a fellow oldie. I have gone through the entire gaming industry. From the Commodore and Apple II to Atari and so forth. Advice I can give you on this game is you might want to try and play without the Wii zapper. Just use the Wii mote in one hand & the nunchuk in the other. It is actually easier.

      As for weapons and classes, find weapons that fit your style and master them. Try all attachments and see what works best. I use all weapons and can excel with almost all types. 

      As for classes there is no sure setup. If you're a run and gunner then try things like sleight of hand with hardline or assassin with steady aim. Put on the specialist package and add things like scavenger, blast shield, dead silence. If your sniping try the MSR. It is lighter weight and you can move faster than if you have the bigger sniper rifles equipped. It is almost always a one hit kill. Pick the type of scope you like. Don't listen to anyone try and tell you that using a type of scope makes you a noob. Use the one you feel comfortable with. I like overkill, like yourself, on my sniper class with the MP-7 or P-90 for backup. I like sleight of hand, hardline, and steady aim with the specialist package . Having quickdraw, scavenger & assassin setup. I also have a portable radar and a claymore or bouncing betty to cover my back.

      When using mid range weapons I usually have scavenger, hardline or blastshield & steady aim. I like to use the assault or support killstreaks. I usually have a portable radar equipped to help cover my backside when moving through the map. That way I can usually catch whatever enemy is trying to flank me and suprise him.

      That is another helpful hint. Flank! Work with your team and when they are balls to walls facing the enemy, I will strategically flank and wipe out the enemy team. You don't need a mic to do this. Just watch your team and if they are all bunched up and all going and facing the same way odds are the enemy is right in front of them.

      As for other decent tiles, don't listen to others how they complain about this and that. No game is perfect, right? Black ops is fun and plays very similar to MW3. If you go back any further on the game titles for the Wii you will encounter lag shooting. Which entails leading your enemy and not all enemies can be lead by the same distance. I have enjoyed every COD title the Wii has released.

      You made a comment about the hackers. Unfortunately there is no good news there. All the Wii titles have hackers. The Wii system is a very easily hacked machine. I,like you, have no idea how to even begin to hack. Yes it is frustrating but I have learned to play around and most of the time beat the hackers and make them angry. Just give yourself time to practice and enjoy it. PEACE!!

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      Thanks for all the help guys! I will try the new Black Ops when it comes out. I'm sure that there will be hackers and it seems like the best way to avoid them is play on another gaming system. I will probably not be doing that, so I will just try to get used to ignoring them.


      NotPadiego...I definitely don't dislike this game. I actually enjoy playing it very much, but it is annoying to be playing in a room full of hackers time after time. I wish that WII or whoever moderates the game was able to do something about it.


      Thanks again!!