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A selection of guns I would like to see nerfed and buffed. (wow, this still exists months later)



I've been noticing lots of people not actually reading the whole post, I'm sorry? Is a few paragraphs too much for you?




I think what a lot of you don't understand is that I want obsolete guns removed (and by removed I mean buffed until they're reasonably useful) from the game. The M16 is outclassed in every way by the type 95, most assault rifles are outclassed in most ways by the ACR, and the P90 completely outclasses the MP5.


Do you kids even know what buffing or community feedback is? You seem to only focus on the nerfs not the buffs, in fact I'm sure many of you didn't even read my post. You see, all too oten the developers make obsolete weapons, or weapons that are completely outclassed. The goal of this article is not to make pea shooters, but to make the pea shooters have a reason to be used or no longer be pea shooters. I like to use every gun in the game, and when one is completely outclassed this can be a pointless feat. Just because you can make use of a gun, does not mean it is balanced, when there are clear statistical upgrades that are glaring flaws on the face of balance and must be fixed.


I can go 30/5 with the PKP, that does not change the fact that it has high recoil, a low firerate, poor damage, mediocre irons, and horrible handling characteristics.






Instead of just raging here, I'm going to calmy and collectively state what I think many players including myself would like to see implemented. With suggestions.


ACR: Lower the fire rate, but don't let it lower the recoil. Keep the slight recoil the same.


MP7: Lower fire rate and lower damage at range.


M16A4(fixed): 3 hit kill at any range, or raise the fire rate, or maybe both.


Type 95 (fixed): The fundamental problem with this gun is the small maps rather than the gun, still I would like to see the fire rate nerfed. Personally the only reason I don't like this weapon is because of how badly it outclasses the M16.


Akimbo/Non-akimbo (most people forget the FMG9 is insanely powerful when weilded solo also) FMG9('s): I think we all know where I'm going, nerfed damage and increased hipfire spread.


MP5 (fixed): Give it a reason not to be completely outclassed by the P90, raise the fire rate but not the recoil.


SPAS-12: Just give it another pellet per shot, the range bonus it has doesn't help much because it's a pump action.


Model 1887: Thing has a pathetic striker sized pellet count. Give it MORE PELLETS.


I would like to give even more mention to the LMG's the biggest excuse I see is "They're useable". They're assault rifles with a bad ADS speed, more recoil, horrible hip fire, and awful mobility.


The LMG's are okay, but all of them aren't particularly good (the L86 has great potential though), I don't know what to say about them. They got a small buff and it's eh.



I think the biggest limit to the guns in modern warfare 3 is the maps, they're all comparitively small when put side by side with previous games (except black ops). I understand many changes were implemented to make sure guns didn't outperform or underperform on these maps. If I think of anything else, I'll edit it in.


Also, I know I am one person and my opinion is just that. My opinion. I also know that there's a bad track record with infinity ward on being able to balance weapons (hell treyarch had it too). The game they create is fun and addictive, and I thank them for that. It's nice to see when the developers care about their product, and with that I do hope that some of these will make it into future updates, even if none of the dev's ever see my post.

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    Assuming that any of the above weapons need any form of buffs or nerfs this what I'd do:


    ACR doesn't have that great of a firing rate/damage compared to most full auto ARs. I don't think it's OP, just exceptionally balanced


    The damage on the MP7 is fine, what it needs is less range and more recoil


    The M16 is fine the way it is. Maybe some adjustment to give it more range (I got 4 hitmarkers on a guy today). The firing rate doesn't need increased because you can add RF to it if you wanted to


    The Type 95 is fine too. I think people are just starting to realize that if you have the accuracy for one of the high powered ARs then you can really do work. It's not the users fault for being skilled with a burst or single shot weapon


    Akimbos need removed from the game all together


    I don't use the MP5 or UMP. I think that reinforces your statement


    Shotguns are too inconsistant to determine how they need to be modified



    LMGs have already been buffed a tad, if you know how to use them they can easily be considered OP

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    here we go again....

    get into game development yourself and make a pudding gun fps game where you can't actually kill but only irritate others, or go play something else if your this bothered.


    The percentage of people complaining here on the forums is not an actual representation of the CoD community. neither is your PSN friends list.


    No guns need nerfing anymore, you need to stop this BS before you little whinos wreck yet another CoD.

    Only things that need fixing is the lag compensation and bad spawn logic

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    nerf the sh*t out guns! we need more pea shooters!

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    My arse... Just play the fecking game and get over it. Why do all the guns have to be the same. Some of us like a challenge, especially when going for all titles/emblems.

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    don't forget...you're dealing with kids who think that everything has to be "fair" and "equal"

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    fair and equal as in: so i can win like i am acustomed to because i can't handle not getting everything my way this instance



    see opinions are like a$$holes in more than one way:

    1. everybodies got one

    2. we don't have to see yours/ you shouldn't put it on parade

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    - Acr, already has a relatively low fire rate, it's very easy to use so a logical nerf would be a recoil / kick increase or recenterspeed tweak, but I don't care either way, other auto ars compare to it just fine. They should buff the ak47 and cm901 a bit to not be poor clones of it though. Ak47 should go back to mw2 standards & the mp5 back to cod4 standards
    - Mp7, is a fine smg that requires accuracy as it shoot marshmallows fast enough as it is, don't touch. If you're getting outgunned by it on range constantly while holding an AR, you utterly suck or have severe connection issues. A little kick increase would be fair though (say the kick increase it has now with RF built in).

    - M16 needs a big buff, I would give it much faster burst firing ability much like the g11 in black ops.

    - T95 needs a buff on range if they are ever touching its 2-hit kill ability. It's shi-t on range

    - Machine pistols should all be a 4 hit kill (30-20) and have no akimbo ability. This would see more pistols used akimbo and see the overkill perk actually getting used & shotguns would be a good pick cqb

    - Shotguns need a buff cqb and nerf on range (remove range on them)

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    If they did nerf everything the people wanted, then this game would be even worse than it alrealdy is. Things are fine now, they should leave all the guns alone. The weakend everything that needed to be, and made those guns that nobody uses more powerful. Stop or or you will make this game totally unplayable

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    GhostmanLoon Agreed. No one cares, just play the game and leave the nerfing etc to people who atch know ahat they r about

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