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  • 30. Re: A selection of guns I would like to see nerfed and buffed.

    UMP is six shots at a range and a low rate of fire

    PM9 has patheic range, horrible recoil, and slow and frequent reloads


    Those are facts, not opinions.

  • 31. Re: A selection of guns I would like to see nerfed and buffed.

    You say you want "the guns to be varied and not have guns that completely dominate their tier" but I dont think there are guns that dominate their tier.  I see people using all the SMGs, not many pm9s but plenty of the rest.  I see a lot of shotguns and sniper rifles (all of them), a lot of people use the ACR but I wouldn't say it dominates.  In BO almost everybody used the famas or ak74u, now that is what I would say was domination.  That said, we all experience something different so maybe what I see is different to what you see.

  • 32. Re: A selection of guns I would like to see nerfed and buffed.

    I'm not saying they should match, I'm saying you should have a reason to use other guns.

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    The M16 is utterly useless because of the type 95. The ACR renders many of the assault rifles obsolete. Just two examples.

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    To be honest, the PM9 with steady aim and range and rapid fire is a death machine, I'm an absolute monster with it. You just need the right class setup, though it is outclassed by the more accurate and still nearly as fast firing MP7.


    The UMP fills a small niche, but it's useable. Outclassed by the MP7 again though, so it could use some help.

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    I honestly don't think there is a gun that with map knowledge and working on it's kinks that you can't do well with.

    Take the lmgs which even pre-buff were more than usable and would bring in the kills they took a bit of getting used to but were easy enough to learn and yet most used it a round and disregarded it deeming it needed a buff.

    Also with the weaker weapons it's a goal to do just as well with them as you can do with the other guns it's one of the few things that keep it intresting.

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    The galil, commando, aug, m16, enfield, m14, famas, fn-fal, ak, and g11 were all badass. I really liked the black ops assault rifles.

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    This is a reply to most of the posts I read. The AK-47, MP5, and the UMP45 is perfectly fine. You just need to know how to to let go of the trigger instead of firing like a raging maniac.


    I put some serious time in the game and learned what profiencies, attachments, etc works. The AK-47 is a deadly machine. Even without a profiency when you 1st unlock it. You just need to fire in burst and that will solve your accuracy issues. Kick is great. And when you unlock a silencer and the heartbeat sensor and use the attachments profiency, there's no recoil. And once you unlock extended mags, try using focus once you learn how to control the gun by firing in bursts. I'm telling you, the AK-47 is a beast of a gun.


    The MP5, another gun where you need to learn let go of the trigger. I don't care what profiency I choose because I usually roll with focus once I unlock it. It's great and lethal in close quarter combat. The rds is a great attchment as well. But it's 50/50 for me, I like the iron sights just as much. But have had better success with a rds.


    The UMP45 is where I actually got a little confused why some don't think this smg is as good as MP7, PP90, and P90. The UMP45 with range is a headshot machine and is a gun that can hang with the best machine guns in this game. Rapid Fire is my best friend until I unlock extended mags. And Rapid fire with Range is a great combo. But I always roll with the range profiency no matter what.


    The M16A4 I agree with everyone. But I've also seen people roll with rapid fire on it and dominate matches with it on youtube. But I'm not patient enough to earn rapid fire because the gun makes me want to leap off a tall building.


    Even after the buff, I still don't F with the Dragunov. The scope irrates the crap out of me. I like the RS ASS better.


    Akimbo Machine Pistols: This 1st irrated me as well. But then I discoverd the PP90 recks the FMG's. So does having Akimbo Machine Pistols yourself. And if someone is camping a doorway or room with the FMG9's, then beat them at their own game with the same secondary, or C4 the living **** out of them.


    I completely agree with the MP7 being overrated and overused. I personally don't like the MP7. But there's no recoil and you can shoot someone across the map with perfect accuracy without letting go of the trigger. Rapid Fire makes it more lethal, but it's still not overpowered. And this is my personal opinion, the ACR 6.8 is overrated as well. There isn't an assault rifle, with the exception of the M16A4 and the CM901. I actually like the CM901 a lot. Just not in big open maps. I seen someone say the ACR 6.8 is used on a lot of small maps. Trust me when I say this, put Marksman on that ***** and you can use it on every map.


    IMO, nothing needs to be nerfed because there's a way to counter every weapon/tactic in this game.


    I do think the M16A4 needs a buff. And I feel the Portable Radar can use a decrease in radius. That's about it. But I roll with Assassin Pro in all my Specialty classes or main perks once I unlock it. Does that make me a noob? Whatever floats your boat I guess. All I'm doing is countering the UAV spam. Well, thats my 20 cents. 2 cents per paragraph.

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    I would agree with you on this before I discovered how Overkill drastically improves sniping on this game, on every map, if your not the quickscope type.


    I have no issues with people who quickscope. I just don't do it because I prefer to shoot and kill with one shot, instead of shooting 2-3 times before I get a hitmarker or the kill.


    In every previous Call of Duty game, I was comfortable to have a sniping class so I can play my sniper's role and set camp and kill fools like fish in a barrel. By the way, World at War is the best Call of Duty game for snipers.This game pissed me off because it really is designed to constantly be on the move. Campers get F'd up in this game, the guys with the SMGs hiding behind Crates, cars, thinking they're a garden snake hiding in the grass.. As the idiots call it "hard scoping", snipers are supposed to find the best area to set up camp and F their targets up.


    But when Black Box came out, I just didn't want to put the sniper rifle down. So I use Overkill and it made sniping so much easier. Once your team locks down a certain area of the map, I can pull the sniper rifle out until the enemies push us out, then I switch to an assault rifle or smg and try to defend. My K/D started to finally get better this way.


    Give Overkill a shot. Use it with a Sniper Rifle as your primary, and whatever machine gun you're comfortable with as your secondary. Because if your not accustomed to sniping in this game, you will easily unlock Marksman Pro with your secondary and be able to use an attachment once you get your 300 kills. I like to use either Quickdraw or Recon, obviously Overkill, and Marksman. And I use Specialist and will run Assassin, Blind Eye, and Blastshield or Stalker. Ninja is also another good choice too if you don't like any of the Specialist or Marksman. But as a sniper I figure Assassin and blindeye is crucial.

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    Exactly, it's easy to use and it makes the CM901 useless and the AK-47 near-useless.