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The lag is getting old.

Funny how I lag non-stop in MW3 and the D/l speeds on my ps3 won't exceed 9mbps and I can't join a lobby with less than a 125ms ping with a wired connection.  When these are the speeds I get on my pc running wireless

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    Might be fixed in July. Although I think we'll probably just see some more free 2XP for weapons and leveling. I understand it's not as simple as flipping a switch, but after 7+ months of nagging about the lag, you'd think they would have an idea of how to fix it. Then again, telling us month after month the fix is on the way gets them closer and closer to BlOps2, so might just be a holding action. Either way, not a whole lot we can do about it, besides rant to our bretheren on here.

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      Very true but man it is aggravating. Just driving down my kdr and causing me to rage quit 8 out of 10 matches.  Not to mention the 58 in. Plasma I had to replace when I shattered the screen when I threw my controller across the room.

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              I structure my day around work/family/ me time. My me time I want to use to enjoy some FPS action, and MW3 is supposed to be my stress reliever. It doesn't work. Some nights I feel like I'm gonna have a stroke I get so pissed. I'm not the best player around, but I know I play better than my stats are now reflecting. I'm working on golding all my guns, and since it's a crap shoot whether or not they will work match to match, or even mid-game, it gets to be a bit ridiculous.

              I am also tired of people saying if you had played it any length of time, you got your monies worth. Not comparable, I bought a product that I expected to work everytime I went to play it.Can I use that same argument to all my friends who's 360's turned into bricks on them (1 friend is on his 5th 360 .) It's a stupid argument. No one bought MW3 for the SP, and the MP has been f'd since launch.

              Shame Activision doesn't hold IW to the same standards as Blizzard. Blizzard gets **** done. Then again, Blizzard only has to manage multiiple servers and 10 million+ customers. Must be easy, right?

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        wow.. sounds like you need some anger management.. sure this game makes me mad at times too but not mad enough to break my TV. if COD caused me to get so mad i break my tv, then thats the day i quit playing this game for good..

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        Wow, I felt bad smashing my PS3 controller to bits because of this $h1t game. This game will make the worse come out of people thats for sure.

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    The worse part about lag is you can't predict it, prevent it, or in anyway compensate for it. It's different every match and some matches it's not noticeable. Which just adds to the frustration

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      The way MW3 runs is pretty random - varies greatly from day to day - some nights you get on and dominate and the next day you can't win no matter what you do.


      I was on Sunday for example and I was literally at least a second behind everyone. DLC enabled or disabled didn't seem to make any difference.


      Very frustrating.

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        It always seems to run 1 second behind for me. And I finally got a hint as to what is causing some of my insta-deaths. While playing domination on dome last night, my radar was showing GREEN arrows on the radar and GREEN tags for the opposing team players for like a second, then changing to RED. I actually shot one of my team mates (who really was the enemy) as they transformed from GREEN to RED. There is something definitely wrong with this game!!

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    17 and 2 followed by several games of 2 12 etc. getting shot behind a truck,wall etc. to watch kill cam and see me standing 6 meters from where my console showed me, checking stairs on way by only to be shot from said stairs milliseconds later, full clips point blank only to be one hit mp7 silenced killed. hit markers from knife only to be hip fire shotgunned down ...... (all this on 50 M down 5 M up confirmed with various speed tests on line as well as console with hard line/port forward/static IP)

    Man I know I am not a 2.5 KDR player (going even is the norm for me) but the inconsistency will drive you crazy!

    Have not been on for a week and can't say I miss it (yet) but I will be back and  I know if and when I do go back it will be the same. Like an abusive relationship I just don't know when to walk away.......



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    OP, I'm assuming you have your PS3 set up with a manual network configuration? When you get to the 2nd or 3rd option that asks you to "Select the operation mode of your network device. In most cases, select Auto-Select", did you choose auto-select? If you did, then change your setting to manual and select whatever the last setting is. Says something like "1000 Full Duplex"


    This gimped my connection to just 5mb/2mb by selecting automatic.


    To be honest, it didn't help with the lag at all, but at least now I can download the crappy DLC and updates much faster now.