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MW3 Game Suggestions

Hi. I dont really know where to post mw3 game suggestions so i'm posting it in here. I would the graphics to be  A LOT better than the current ones. Also I would like the maps to be bigger too. And I would like a famas to be available in the game.

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         I would like to see richochet removed from hardcore. i am tired of ppl getting in the way or doing stupid stuff and getting me killed.  Turn off richochet on hardcore team death match it isnt hardcore with it on when there are people running in front to try and take the kill and i die because they are stupid? its aggrivating to say the least. and if im "camping" or as i call it sniping and one of my team doesnt like "campers" so he sits in front of me blocking my view getting me killed!? no i dont think so i should be able to shoot anyone even if they are on my team. i would rather get a score reduction for a tk penalty than dieing because they were stupid greedy for a kill.

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    My Suggestions:


    • Buff M16A4 (Fire rate increase)
    • Remove Akimbo attatchment for the FMG-9's
    • Add FACE-OFF maps to survival mode and Infected
    • Reduce Pellet spread on the Model 1887 and KSG-12