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360 Controller Support

Ok, like serious question here.  It is 2012.  Why didn't you guys add controller support?  Would you be able to add it in a patch?  It is kinda lame that I have to load up xpadder [controller emulator] just to play in the confort of my hands.  Also, keep in mind not having support draws people from not buying the game. >_>

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    Go play console, if you want an controller

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      Or not?  I bought it for the PC.  I refuse on my life to ever buy a 360 and you think I could afford a PS3?  Get real, kid.  If you are not going to answer this seriously kindly get out of here.  This is a very logical topic there is no need for some child who has horride grammar to speak up as if he knows what he speaks of.


      First, off mouse and keyboard gaming is old school.  Which is fine but lets be honest.  Mouse and keyboard is boring.  You are strapped to the keyboard and mouse while playing.  Forcing you to have to lean closer to the PC thus causing restraints on your back and other muscles upon your body.  I like to sit back and game.  I like to relax.  Open this up for others.


      In the new generation games 90% if not more have controller support.  My friend and I were quite suprised that this was the ONLY game that didn't have the support.  Which is very odd as Black Ops did.  I am not too sure why the change of removing it but to honest it does effect sales.  Let alone the hackers which is very hard to control on a PC game but hackers are not the point of the topic.  I think all games specially shooters should support 360 controllers or atleast controllers in general. 

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        Actually I get very comfortable with the keyboard and mouse; and see no reason to change.

        ( I lean back in a spring loaded office chair, about 36-40" from a 22" monitor, with the keyboard in my lap; and my mouse on a surface to the left/right of me. or if I want to sit in the living room, and play a single player game (I would never play a multi-player on a TV) I just use a wireless mouse and keyboard)


        for one: A console controller is for....wait for it....a console; and is a lot more restricted, then a keyboard and mouse combo. where are the lean buttons again? how do you type in chat? what is the command to join a server?  how do you control a server? etc...  oh right console have no need for any of that. as long as the have up, down, left right. and select...lol (and you're going to tell some one else to "get real")


        Secondly: We don't need "shared" controls; nades, betty's, knives etc... should all be on separate keys. Or ANY auto actions I.E. reload, weapons switch etc... I have over 103 keys to map movements, and actions to. how may does your controller have?


        third: A mouse is a much more precise pointing device.

        You can call it aim assist (if it makes you feel better) I call it an aimbot.


        How ever blunt cryonicghost may have been; your hostility was/is uncalled for.


        Because the truth still remains: (I don't know, or care what your finanial situation is) But: If you wanted  to play on a console; you should have bought a console.