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Not Hearing Gun Fire Right Next to You

I searched and didn't see a topic addressing this situation, so am I am wondering if it happens to other people. I only seem to notice this when I die or someone else dies because then I wouldn't know they were shooting. It seems to me like sometimes enemies will be shooting me or right by me with unsuppressed weapons and the sound doesn't show up for me. Also someone will be shooting a sniper rifle less then 100 yards away and I don't hear them shooting. I see in the kill cam that they missed 2 shots and I didn't hear a single one.


I am not the only one who has noticed this, some of my roommates have noticed this as well. It's is not my TV because I have played COD on over 5 TVs recently. It's not my PS3 because I just got a new one and it happened on the old one and I notice it when playing on friends Xbox's.


In summary I am just curious if other people are noticing this. Once you notice it once you can't stop noticing it every time it happens. If this is a problem can it be fixed?


*Side note I have Harman/Kardon surround sound speakers.

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       I get this sometimes because of lag but usually I domt heear or see them shoot, I just die, then the killcam shows them shooting several rounds at me.


       One night I was havinmg issues with being"stabbed" all night long. I was running around all crazy that night though and wasnt watching the killcam. I'd just die and mash x and jamb the stick forward. But I just kept getting "stabbed" by people teleporting through my bullets.


        this is what I kept seeing.



         It just happened though that I was the final kill and was a bit suprised when I saw the final killlcam.

         Here it is again, including the killca, I realize after watch there was more that I just didnt notice. But the killcam was what brought my attention to it.

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      Do you think it could be lag? Because I don't usually get very much lag unless the host is trash. It seems to happen when everything is running smoothly, but I assume there has to be something IW can do about this. I find it hard to believe that you are the only other person on here that experiences this.

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       I think people fail to realize how much lag there is even in an ideal "lagfree" match.


      When people complain about lag compensation they sound as if they expect the developers to make everything happen instantly with 2 battling players seeing the exact same thing at the same time. bUt when you start doing the math its amazing the game is playable period.


        Lets say we are in a lobby wher I have 75 ping and you have 50 ping. As far as matchmaking goes, thats a pretty good matchup. Of course the ideal would be 50 and 50, buit we seldom get a perfect match.

         I read that the effect of lag is my ping plus half of yours. So me 75 and you 50 equals 100 ping effective lag.  100 ms is 1/10 of a second. The pp90m1 fires 18 rounds per second. So my pp90 can almost fire 2 full rounds into you before you have any clue that I fired ..... and thats a nearly ideal matchmaking.


       Dont forget to take into account that every piece of hardware .....  console, tv, speakers .... everything adds a slight amount of time for what I do to get to you, and then on top of that, i think its somewhere in the neighborhood of 125 to 150 ms for your brain to recognize that action.


       So yeah ..........  I think lag has a lot more effect than most realize.