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Has anyone tried out recon (pro)? (core modes only)

So it seems that not a lot pf people use recon, I guess because you will lose blind eye (I think). I recently completed all the pro perks, recon pro by far has to be the most useful perk I have seen in this game. Not only does explosive damage paint people, but so will bullet hits, good for the lag. Also it paints people with arrows like having a advanced UAV up.


On Dome it is insane, many would say OP. As everyone knows at the start of the match flashbangs and grenades get spaamed towards the other spawn. One flashbang that way lights up the entire other team, its pretty wild. Plus you will get assists for painted people that get killed by others. Of course I could be wrong, and maybe more people use it by the number of flashbangs and stuns that get spammed.


It just seems everytime I play no one on my team uses it, or maybe its only because I play TDM, also HCTDM, which in HC games its useless. Anyone else give it a go?