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Ammo count after pack a punch

Ammo is an issue no matter what weapon you have in Zombies. When you start the round the room will have 2 guns with low ammo count on the wall. Other rooms closer to the power room has a larger ammo count. Yet a gun on the wall closer to power room when pack a punched would have a low ammo count. Some guns had little ammo others a lot. When a gun is pack a punch the ammo count should double not just the power.

Example HMG larger ammo amount,  pistol and some assault rifles small amount.

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    I didn't quite understand the last bit, but guns are improved in probably every way possible when PaP. While they're ammo capacity increases by a lot or not, it makes sense.


    In the occasion that guns decrease in this field, it's because it would be overpowered otherwise.


    If anybody has problems with the ammo count, then they need to rethink strategies. By the time, ammo is that much of a problem, guns wouldn't even be that effective, unless they are Wonder Weapons. Usually people would just use any gun they can to try and get points, then buy traps, and eventually get lucky enough for a powerful weapon.