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top 5 guns in Cod?

i made a list of my top five favorite guns in call of duty (not the best, the most fun ones to use)


i was just wondering what everyones list was like, do you prefer the bad guns, the good guns, or just the weird ones?

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    I'm using the MG36 this Prestige. It's fun and a great gun. Rarely see it being used though, such a shame LMGs are fun to use, high cap mags means you can go about your business without having to reload


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      i dont like the movement speed with lmgs... i used the l86 for a while, but thats about it

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        You can't run and gun with them, that's kind of the point. Terrible movement, bad hipfire, slow raise time, and slow drop time.


        Using LMG's is great fun. It takes a huge adjustment in style though.

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      Love the kill at 0:12! It's like you stuck the barrell in to his eye socket . . . lol I'm in the middle of maxing out my lmg's and it's the most fun i have had for a while

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      I don't like the LMGs - even with Speed proficiency my run and gun style and LMGs don't mix. My top 5:


      5: CoD4: AK47 - the first gun I ever used a lot in CoD and an awesome one at that. Everyone goes on about the M16 in CoD4 but I don't like that gun.


      4: MW2: TAR-21. Silencer makes this thing epic.


      3: MW3: SCAR-L. Just as good as the ACR 6.8 without the cries of "Noob!" using that gun tends to attract.


      2: Black Ops: Galil. The silencer makes this thing all purpose and stealth to boot - better even than the TAR-21!


      1: MW2 MLC TacKnife MW2 noob tube MW3 Type 95 rapid fire Actually those are all nooby. So #1 would be the G3 from CoD4 - I have a fast trigger finger and combining this with Stopping Power makes this gun a thing of the gods.

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    My most fun guns:


    PM-9 is my top. Such a unique SMG. It's actually a really good weapon if you use it correctly (basically rapid fire+ emags+ hipfiring with SA pro is beast). Cool reload, cool way to hold it, overall just a very fun gun. I haven't used it much since I golded it but I'm definitely going back.


    Second top is probably the Model. Definitely the most satisfying shotgun. It has such a nice pop when you shoot people. With damage, it's actually consistent at close range and can still nail some long range shots which are fun. I love the lever action too. It looks sweet in killcams and feels sweet. I love the challenge of trying to survive in between shots (lots of strafe jumping and ducking behind cover )


    Third is probably the Dragunov, especially now that it's buffed. First of all, the scope is way better than the other sniper scopes. It's so much clearer and it's unique. I love shooting for headshots. Now that it has perfectly vertical recoil it's a lot of fun to use.


    Deagle is also really fun. High power+ 8 round magazine. Huge recoil but all the fun in using the weapon is compensating for its huge but consistent recoil. If you counter the recoil with your aim you can get a tight spread that can be deadly.

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    • cod4: mp5 red dot
    • waw: mp40 drum mag
    • mw2: m93 raffica akimbo
    • blops: cz75 dual wield
    • mw3: p90 red dot

    Love to rush with steady aim. I miss the M1014.

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         The gun i like the most is easily the MK-14 with silencer and red dot. But the gun ive been having the most fun with as of right now is the AK-47. The AK is one of the more powerful assault rifles in the game, and makes the other guy flinch more than i do. Which saves my life a lot.

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    I guess you mean the glocks akimbo in mw2?


    My favored guns are probably The Intervention, pre patch akimbo models, Ptrs just for blowing people up in smithereens, akimbo rafficas & ak74u.


    I like all guns. Try-hard to somewhat bad / below average, as long as they are semi-useful (like the spas in mw3 with damage) and look & feel badass

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      haha, i was watching a guys livestream last night with a friend (we were trolling around) and he ONLY used the ACR, no joke. he was 15th prestige with no unlocks on any gun but the ACR, i didnt see him change his class once. i asked him to use the PM9 and the AA12 and he gave up after one game. he had no unlocks for any shotguns or smgs lol.


      THAT, is a super try hard.

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    cm901,ak47,scar,mg36,and i like the magnum for the handgun .

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    First off... Eff you primordial!!!!!!!


    Number 5 most fun gun to use:

    M9 w/extended magazines from MW2.


    Number 4:

    PP90M1 w/extended magazines from MW3.


    Number 3:

    M14 w/red dot sight from CoD4.


    Number 2:

    FAL w/extended magazines from MW2.


    Number 1!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MK14 w/extended magazines from MW3.

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    1. ACR 6.8. Why? Very little recoil, very good iron sight, good damage too.


    2. PP90M1. Why? Very fast, little hip fire recoil, iron sight unbeatable, great accuracy.


    3. Model 1887 with damage. Why? So what it shoots slow....great range and very powerful


    4. MP5 rapid fire. Why? So fast and powerful that you wont know you killed him. (use with kick), has alot of recoil.


    5. AK47 with kick. Why? iron sight is amazing. extremely powerful, controllable, and great range.


    NOW at the very bottom of the list of all guns is MSR......every single ******* time i get a great quickscope, hitmarker. also when i quickscope with the thermal, i can see the red cross directly on him but no hit marker