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    Oh yes and fix the completion glitch. I have done all of the petty crimes car chases beating up thugs etc. and for some reason my completion just shrank from 100% to 92%. Please patch this because i want to complete the game so I can unlock the the hidden costume in the game. Make sure you dont forget to tell the devs that I really like the game and if they can implement infinite crimes such as muggings car chases, dead drops etc into the game. Thank You.

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    Unlimited crimes would make this game even better than it is and a lot of people are asking for it. Make it happen Beenox!

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    Here's a hammer sir because you nailed it.


    Beenox, I really hope you guys are reading the posts in this thread, especially the one made by user Spiderman2thegame. The free roam in ASM is about as stale as it gets. Random crimes disappear after completion of the required amount to gain a trophy/achievement?? How absurd and lame is that! And it takes away one of the necessary elements to having a free roam game. After gaining 100% completion there's absolutely no reason to continue to play whatsoever. And bonus suits replaying the game is not a proper reason for another playthrough...sorry, but that's a fail. I give props to you Beenox on implementing a rewarding combat system, the web rush, and really fun web swinging. Now support your fans and give us the missing pieces to this game.


    * Continuous random crimes, seekers, snipers, etc.

    * Random boss encounters

    * Additional DLC side missions

    * Combat challenge maps

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    In all honesty if something is not done about the random crimes being infinite I am probably just going to trade-in my game. There is nothing to do after the story I have collected 90% of the comics and have done all side activities. Also the Rhino challenge is boring after 30 sec of playing it because all you do is run and hit cars and now I am starting to get bored :/

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    I've gotten 1000GS how do you think I feel.

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    I dont know if I will get to know how you feel lol because I am not sure if I should 100% the game or not.

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    It's not too hard it's just the last 5 comics that suck to find.

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    Devs, I would like to request a realistic web swinging mechanic, similar to that of Spiderman 2.

    I really like what you've done with the camera in this game, so combining the 2 would be amazing.


    If it could be patched into this game with an option to use, or not use it, that would be great.

    More realisticly though, if you could make this a feature in your next Spiderman game, that would be just as great.

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    Yes! I agree. It goes way too fast. I don't injoy it at all really.

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    Well,hope they hear your pleed. You don't deserve the pain

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