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JOIN New World Gamers (PS3)

New World Gamers is a community that focuses on teamwork and maturity. We have opened our door after being made in June 2012.

We focus on having a close group of members that will always be online to game with, or on the forums to talk to. Players of any background or skill level are welcome to join us! As of right now we focus mainly on Call of Duty although we have many members who play more than just those games. We are always looking for more members who can step up and lead. We accept members from all over the world. We do not care where you are from as long as you share our passion for gaming and having a good time. Here are some of the things that we can offer you:

>> Weekly Game Nights to meet new members

>> An active chatbox with people to always talk to

>> Competitive Gamebattle Teams and Tryouts

>> Gamebattles Team for members that are into competitive gaming

>> A progressive ranking system for our active members

>> An professional forum with new topics every day

>> Updates for the newest and hottest games out there!

So come check us out at http://newworldgamers.team-talk.net/ , If you need any help or have problems please reply to the post or PM me. Thanks for taking the time and checking us out. Hope to hear from you soon.

New World Gamers Skill

-New World Gamers