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Connection Issues


I know this is the old horse but man if there is one thing about bo2 that will make or break it is fixing the connection issues.


Just played some BO for the first time in a few months and wow the differences are night and day.


First few games I played with a party and not only did it take forever to finally get a match  ( with 3 others in the party ) the connection with 3 bars was pretty bad in the sense playing well would only let me break even. We are talkin 28-27, 18-19, and so on


Then played a few games on my own and got host on half the matches. With 4 bars it seems the game is just too easy. I shoot people they die, they shoot me I dodge like I'm in the matrix. First game went 34-7, next went 69-2 ( got dogs 3 times ) next game was very similar.


This is a problem in the sense people should not die instantly when i shoot them and then again it shouldn't take a fully clip and only getting a few hit markers. This right here is a huge reason why people don't like blackops. There is no consistancy, games seem to come down to connections above all else. I know i'm not a bad player but I also know I'm no Guru either.