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no more teamkilling  thats bs

no more teamkilling in mw3 thats some bs

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    i think we all should stop playing mw3 or any cod till teamkilling is back

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      Not sure if you're trolling or not....


      Anyway, if TKing is gone, good riddance. It kills HC modes. HC used to be my favorite game mode.. then the TKing fad caught on. Now you can't go more than 30 seconds on a team with randumbs without friendly-fire deaths going off.

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    What is BS is the people that would TK and think it was ok or fun to do. What is BS is that you think by a few people not playing the game because of ricochet that they will remove it.


    Just like when the 420 youtube video went about trying to get a boycot of the game until IW caved and gave the community what it tried to demand, it never amounted to anything at all.


    So go ahead and quit playing the game just because you can not TK anymore and the game will be better with out you and those that play like that.