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Domination strategies...


I play solo and Ive read on here a good strat is to hold dow ur spawn flag and B flag and not worry about the enemy spawn flag.Its a good strategy nut playing with randoms all the time I really never see it implicated. Most games it seems both teams end up capping whatever flags the can after the first minute or so into the game. Come to think of it I dont think ive ever seen a team go with that strategy a whole game. It must not be that common. How good of a strat is it? What are other good strategies?

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         I play solo 99% of the time, not counting my guest, and its definitely a good strategy for Dom. But, its hard to keep that strategy going when youre playing solo because your team willl do whatever the hell they want most of the time. Your team is most likely gonna go for the enemies flag and youre gonna have to try and predict the spawns of the other team because of that. A good objective game a single player can control, from what ive experienced, is demolition. You can plant the bomb and guard it by yourself if the other team is a bunch of random people who arent in a party.

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    I play a lot of solo dom but you can only run a strategy so far until your teammates ruin it. Each strategy depends on the map and the play style you want. Say for example, on Arkaden, the C spawn is by far the hardest spawn to get out of. So, ideally you want to hold A down with B and force them to spawn at C. It works until your teammates push too hard and the spawns flip, and now you spawn at C with the potentially of losing A. Then they take A and you spawn at C with B (much harder to hold). Say the other team has A and B, while you have C, the objective is to flip their spawn by pushing hard into A while allowing them to push hard into C, thus you flip the game right back. The last step is pushing back into C by taking B which forces that intial spawn again that we were striving for.  I


    Like what someone said up there, your teammate is unpredictable, however, you can use your map and teammates to determine where the enemy will spawn. Sometimes you realize spawns will flip and you wait it out until someone comes near you to help you re-flip it.t's almost predicting how the enemy will play at times, you just have to observe agressive tendencies and play smart (yes, setting up a tent is smart).



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      Im solo in domination 90% of the time, if you don't worry about your k/d it's much more fun. I'm a capture whore thus the reason my k/d is horrible, but more times then most I lead the group because I'm the only one capturing.