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KTLB Clan Recruiting now!


Kill That Lil B!tch is now Recruiting:

  • We're looking for outgoing people that love to play with clan members and be part of an increasing family not just a group
  • I would like everyone that joins to have at least a 1 KD but if lower than thats okay within reason.
  • Participation in clan ops is rather important but if you cant on certain days thats perfectly fine with notification prior to the clan operations day.
  • Theres no level requirement i dont care if your just starting the game, id love to have a clan of people helping others when they need it
  • If your interested in joining Message me Equinoxx15 or apply on our clan webpage.



Clan Information:

  1. We're level 20
  2. We have 11 premium members
  3. Very friendly members
  4. Also, i would like to have some experienced video editors so we can start a Clan YouTube Page hopefully we can get a partnership. If a partnership is presented i would like to be able to make enough for everyone to benefit and get a HD PVR out of it but only with agreement to stay in the Clan and not leave.
  5. Also, we are a Black Ops and Modern Warfare 1, 2 Clan
  6. Battlefield 3 clan will also be formed in the near future.


     Many clans look for only premium people but we do not, premiums are VERYY welcome to join, but others seeking to just be a part of something more than a group are welcome to join to. Mainly we are a Barebones clan, but also running Core Team Deathmatch as well as Kill Confirmed and Domination. I would like to have some experienced Search and Destroy people as well just to switch up the variety of people.