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    Looking foward to something from Lamia on the work done on



    lag comp

    match making

    spawn logic


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    What about WAR from WAW!!  my favorite COD gamemode ever!! and HC!! pfff!!

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    LOL , well i have to many guys that love to walked in front of my LMG in HC.

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    Take off Large maps, and add small to medium mapps instead. I am so sick of buying new DLC, and it be 95% sniper maps. When will Call of Duty stop favoring the camping qucik scopers/snipers and give us, the run and gunners, what we want.

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    Some improvements I would like to see.


    == Spawn Trapping ==


    I would love to see something done to stop spawn kills.


    A. A timer would be something like 2 seconds. Within those 2 seconds, you are not worth any "honor" (kill) points. Granted they do get the kill, they just don't get the points. Also, there would be only a 1 second cooldown on "Hardcore" mode, if this happens.


    B. 3x life for either 2 seconds or you move 5 yards, whichever first.


    Too many times have I spawned into an enemy's open gunfire, or spawned into a thrown gernade.


    == Underpowered Reward ==


    Now I know this seems strange, but a reward, for the team that is loosing by an extreme amount. This would only activate in TDM and Domination.


    The reward should be a random care package drop, onto their spawn point, only the loosing team can get, and if the other team captures it, it was booby trapped.


    This care package would drop just like any other, and have no off indication. And only be awarded if the loosing team is down by 1750 points or 75 points (Domination).


    == More control over weapon modifications ==


    On MW3 you leveled your weapon by using it. While I personally think this was a great idea, having to level it just to use an attachment was extreme. What would be nice is a "Pro" or "Elite" version of attachments. Working just like getting a "Pro" version of Perks, you would have to complete certain skills while using that attachment.




    Attachment: Supressor

      -  Standard = Gunfire hidden from enemy map, no muzzle flash, reduced noise when firing. But has reduce distance.

      - Pro = Same as standard but, no noise when firing and reduced noise when reloading. Removes the distance reduction.

    - - To Complete: 500 kills with a supressed weapon / 5 headshots against a enemy with a supressed weapon (they have the supressed weapon) / 5 kills from a distance using your supressed weapon.


    == Kill streak reset ==


    Once you have over 5 kills above your highest killstreak reward, it resets your killstreak rewards. Too many times have people had to die just so they can get their killstreaks reset.


    - - - Just some thoughts - - -

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    Another thing I'd like to see in Black Ops 2 is pressing the select or the back buttom in order to see the map, like in World at War, and being able to post objectives when in a party like in World at War

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    The ability to drop shot effectivly should be on that list.

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    I want akimbo Riot Shields, and last stand with my akimbo Riot Shields.