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i will do quick scope editing on any CoD.

I will edit some quick scope gameplay. I am not a professional, i am rather new but i can do some cool stuff.


I use Adobe After Effects, not some dumb ass windows movie maker.


Some requirements of the clips. i prefer a short clip, if it's a 4min clip, i'm not going to edit it. max is 1-2mins if the shots are cut within short time frames. (not much running around the map getting kills, just some clips) i have dropbox so i can give you edited clip easily. I will post it the clip on my YouTube channel but give you credit in the vid. Also, videos have to be in min 720p(HD).


this may seem like a lot, but i am sorta new to it so i don't want to much on my plate.


you can check out my YouTube channel @ www.youtube.com/user/BulberBaby?feature=mhee
There's nothing really on it, but i'm trying to get some videos on it.


Also you can email me @ marshalcf8874@gmail.com