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Need help, ASAP :(



Recently today, I bought the game (Modern Warfare 3), everything went fine, activated it into steam and when I was going to play. I activated dedicated servers, it loaded to full and then it just says "Connection lost to host" and my whole internet died for about 10-20 minutes. What kind of **** is this? My NAT type is open, tried restarting the router, removed the firewall/AV and it's still not working. So tired of the problems with Infinityward all the time, it's getting me pissed off as I payed €50 for this game and I'm not even able to play it.

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    It's obviously your ISP if your whole net went down. MW3 doesnt cause nets to crash. If anything check with your ISP before blaming it on a game.

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      My whole net DOESN'T CRASH... That's the thing, after I tried to enter a MW3 game, only MY internet on MY computer (Can still connect to other games such as World of Warcraft etc.) so somehow after it lags out, it just ***** the browser internet up, so it's not my ISP.