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I've known from previous prestiges that the M16 is seriously underpowered, but not really gave it much chance as I put it away straight away.


So this time I set myself a challenge, to see if I could get gold camo for it.


My K.D before I started using it was 1.48 it is now 1.32 and I havent got passed blue camo for it.


I find myself shooting 3 bursts into a guy and him walking off like nothings happened.


admittedly I do sometimes kill people in one burst, but they have to be either running away, or just down right stupid.


its impossible to win a 1v1 with an M16 as its rate of fire is just too poor. I don't have time to shoot a second burst because I will be dead either by a fully automatic or the type 95, another 3 burst gun which has more damage and a higher rate of fire.


I've thought throughout the whole time using the M16 that it is really underpowered and I should probably stop using it, but I wanted to complete the challenge I set myself.


I now have given in because dying constantly over and over isnt fun, especially when I know I would do SO much better with a fully automatic or even a sniper.



I'm bound to get people hating this post, saying things like 'M16 ISNT UNDERPOWERED YOUR JUST BAD' blah blah blah


But alot of people I talk to also agree its under powered, also, the evidence shows it is, I've never seen anybody use it


feel free to comment what you think. This has just annoyed me and I thought if I wrote about it on here, it might get noticed


    Sure it isn't like the Type 95 but when used correctly the M16 is a good. Use it at range. It is NOT a run and gun weapon. Not saying it isn't underpowered. You just have to use is correctly.


      I have had SOME good games, say 21 kills 10 deaths, but I've had to came, and now with these new 'Anti-Camp' maps, that personsally, I think suck balls, its hard to camp.


      With there being at least 3 enterances to each building and allowance for 1 claymore, its so hard to use,

      You seriously have more chance of running around with a sniper and killing people than an M16, tell me that isnt messed up..


    works fine in HC, one burst kills everytime.


    I actually like the M16 but if you are in a CQ battle you are pretty much screwed so accuracy is key. I think I actually prefer using it over the type 95 it's only let down for me is the sound of the gun, to me it sounds like someone is rubbing a cup across metal bars..... Yuk!


    So I just unlucked Red Camo for it, literally by camping in a corner with a claymore covering my right and my sights aimed up to the left,


    I find this incredibly boring and if this is the only way that I can kill people with it.. I'm seriously doubting Infinity Wards ability to make games.


    CoD 4 was AMAZING


    Mw2 wasnt as good but the maps made up for it


    now mw3.. The maps suck and I just cant get along with this gun


    I got mine to Gold, it's nothing like in previous CODs. It was short of torture, but recently I picked one up when I ran out of ammo, and I liked it. I think it was because I was sniping and I was still in a sniping mindset when I picked it up. So I think I'm gonna use it again and try to play with it like I'm sniping.


    I golded it out this prestige because I wanted a challenge. It's definitely tough to use. A bit underpowered? Maybe. The fact that the Type 95 outclasses it in almost every aspect is a bit of a red flag. But it's not underpowered by too much to make it necessary to fix to use it.


    The best way to use it is attachments, rapid fire and red dot. Rapid fire gives it an edge in battle and makes it much more pleasant to use, and the red dot I find necessary since it has the second worst iron sights behind the M60E4.


    I like to use stalker, but if you rely on another third perk or if stalker isn't your thing, quickdraw is necessary. I like stalker because I can keep ADS'ed on a line of sight while still moving quickly, and it gives me the ability to strafe while pumping precise volleys into the target to throw off their aim.


    My favorite map for it is Lockdown by far. Almost every other map is good to use it on for me except the three small ones- Mission, Hardhat, and Dome.


    It's great for counter sniping and long range pickoffs. If you stalk while in CQC areas you can win gunfights but I prefer switching to a secondary for CQC engagements.


    Good luck to anyone using it though


    I find myself getting hit markers more than not. I loved this gun in other cods, but realize it's not nearly as good in this one. I don't even bother with it since I got it to the 2.5k mark, the t95 out classes it in every way except range... But why bother?! Both still take 2pulls at range!


      Don't quote me on this because these stats aren't widely available, but the M16 has a longer range in that the damage dropoff is later. I think the M16 is 1000 units and the Type 95 is 800 units. So the M16 can get 1 burst kills a little farther away than the Type. Just saying.


        Yeah, it has more range as I stated above. What I meant was with the amount of hit markers I get, it doesn't matter lol. I do get the ranged 1 burst sometimes, but not as often as I should.


    Try using it with Attachments for a Silencer and Rapid Fire. The iron sights are basically the same as the ACR, I never saw the need for a sight. For Perks use Recon Pro so if you get hitmarkers the enemy will be marked and you'll have easier time finding them to finish off the kill. Also use Quickdraw Pro so you'll have faster ADS and SitRep Pro so you can hear enemies coming to avoid CQ engagements.


    It'll help to run Specialist with Assassin and Blind Eye as your first 2 perks to unlock and whatever you want for the 3rd perk. Or run Hardline on your 2nd perk and then in Specialist use Quickdraw, Assassin and Blind Eye.


    I've only been playing the Elite Objective Playlist and I find the M16 is best on Foundation, Liberation and Overwatch. It's not too bad on Sanctuary either.


    I agree and actually used it for the sake of getting the m16 1K kills callsign, and during the process I'd say it is really underpowered that I wanted to reach the 1K kills faster so that I can dispose off the M16 sooner.


    True, you can still make good plays out of the M16 but you will not be dominating the games most of the time. And it easily pisses you off when you get owned by any other weapon in a shoot out. It is hardest the most when the enemy is moving because it requires multiple burst and during these bursts a return fire from an automatic easily downs you. Most of the maps are close quarters so you may have to move slow to get the range the M16 is good for but you'll end up with less kills.


    MW3 should have just maintained how M16 is in COD4 or MW2 which made this a fav weapon in those series. But am getting bored of using the weapons in MW3 and already got the 2.5K kills callsign in all ARs, so I think I'll give it a shot again, but only to get the 2.5K kills callsign.


       The m16 is an excellent medium/long range weapon. i'd say its equal to the mk14.


        I use it with a silencer and acog or thermal for a "pseudo-sniper" rifle, and for that purpose it will outgun the t95 easily. At range I've had the t95 give me 5 hitmarkers (5 bursts)  while the m16 never seems to take more than 3 bursts.


        I'll admit there is something odd about it. It sems less accurate at close range than at long range, or perhaps thats just beacuse the pattern is so tight that they are just misses at close range where I'm usually more in a hurry.


       As far as I'm concerned, the t95 is the crappier one of the two. Sure it gets one burst kills close, but I'd much rather have a full auto or a shotgun at close range.


    here's tips and tricks on the M16.

    1. Use it in Hardcore. the M16A4 is very powerful when you'r using it in hardcore team deathmatch, domination, SnD, etc. It takes 1 bullet to kill close/medium range, and 1-2 burst to kill long range.

    2. Use Rapid Fire. The M16A4 has a 780rpm per burst but if you add the burst waiting time, it's 520rpm. Adding Rapid Fire significantly change the rpm positively.

    3. Use Optics. The M16 iron sights is decent but ugly. Although it's workable just by itself, most people tnds to add red dot, Acog, or Thermal. Thermal is the most recommended.

    4. Use it as a counter-sniper rifle. With just 4 shots to kill and being burst fire, it's best to use it in stationary areas such as the large tree stump on Village, the room in Lockdown and Fallen, etc.

    5. Use Overkill perk. No matter how good you are at taking down enemies while on the high grounds, you're going to need to get there and take out a few enemies standing your way. So I advice you to use Overkill perks and add a SMG (I prefer the UMP .45) or an Assault Rifle. Using an Overkill perk, you can use your SMG or an assault rifle to win CQB and still use the M16 later.

    heres my tip. Hope you can use it and get kills with it


         I think using overkill is a waste of a perk in mw3.


         With all the choices of beasty machine pistols, there is no need to carry both a long range and close range primary.


         Sure .... akimbo fmgs might not win you any popularity contests, but who really cares?