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So let me get this right... If I have a good internet connection... I suffer on mw3?

I would like to know if this is true lol?  It confuses me if it is true. Why should a person with a awesome internet connection suffer from lag compenstation when another person has bad internet? Yet the ones with bad internet get a advantage smooth play awesome hit ditection and no lag compenstation to worry about.


I ask myself why I have a internet connection that is 50 mb download and 5mb upload but yet I suffer on mw3.. Devs let me give you a day in my life on mw3.



I log on mw3 I go into pubs. In those pubs I am lighting ppl up and getting hitmarkers but yet they are not falling. I am 4 baring all the time never do I go below a 4 bar so I smile at that but ppl is not dropping when I have 9 or 10 xs appearing on them yet all it takes them is 2-4 to drop me.



I then get some gbs search and destroy and wow I am playing and running round next thing ya know im in a gunfight lighting the person up but yet they kill me then the killcam says I never hit them. So yeaaaa I rage I say that is not what happened!!



So then I start to question my skill. I say have I lost my skill in FPS? Is my aim horrible now but then I say to myself it cant be my aim because I am getting those hitmarkers so I must be doing aiming  right.










So I have to get a downgraded internet connection just to enjoy mw3? May I ask why i should have to do this?  I really wish you all would take care of this but I can not keep having the headaches of lag compensation going on just cause I have a too good of a internet connection.