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  • 60. Re: Why bring back Terminal?

    i dont like Terminal that much - i Prefer Favela - Karachi - Trailer Park - or Wastland

  • 61. Re: Why bring back Terminal?

    i dont mind it i just wish they added crossfire and strike oh man how i miss them maps!!

  • 62. Re: Why bring back Terminal?

    Terminal is yet another band-aid from IW.


    "Sorry our game sucks, here's something to keep you quiet."

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    starbuckfrack wrote:


    billybobjoe19 wrote:


    Why are the bringing back this of all maps seriously? I hate this map with a passion all that ever happened on this map was quickscoping and noobtubing. I don't care if anyone says noobtubing is nerfed now but QS'ing is 1000x easier. They honestly should have given us new content why bring back an old map from a game that can still be played? I would understand if they brought a map back from Cod4 because that game is broken and hacks just ruined it. They honestly should have brought back maps like Crossfire or Chinatown or Brodcast those maps would work well with new killstreaks . All that I am trying to say is if there going to bring back old maps they should bring back maps from Cod4 because you can still easily play MW2 but Cod4 is just to broken to play at all.

    Well answer this. WHY do you want to bring back an old map from COD4 ? That game sucked.


    Why do they give away free Vanilla cones when I like Chocolate ? Why do they gve away free Chocolate Cones when others like Vanilla ?


    Its called a FREE MAP. You dont like it then dont download it. you dont appreciate the fact they gave you a GIFT then dont take it.

    LOL you said COD4 sucked? COD4 is highly regarded by many the best COD of all time.

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    insaine wrote:


    nothing is free in this world it has been payed for by somebody ie elite premium members

    everyone who purchased this, or any other title contributed to their profits and thus their ability to offer content to all at no extra charge.. not just elite premium members

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    well i think they should bring back three maps from mw2: rust, terminal, and afghan. these three maps were the only good non-dlc maps in mw2. any1 else agree with me?

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    Terminal and Afghan were ok not favorite and not hated.


    RUST however I dispised, I hate that map with a passion

    as well as Nuke Town and Shipment.


    I am one that wish they would bring back the old maps

    redone.  The reason I dont play COD4 and MW2 is

    because they are Hacked to death.  That is why.  what

    fun is it when you risk losing everything on your account

    and or get tubed from a launcher that tosses a 100 shells

    a second from a guy floating 10k feet above the map.


    It shouldnt be hard to import the maps and to make

    them available.  That would give us an endless supply

    of maps and you wouldnt get bored with the same ole

    over and over again. You could play all night and never

    play the same map.

  • 67. Re: Why bring back Terminal?

    Terminal is one of the best maps from Cod MW2 i think it should be brought back because so many people asked for it.

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    I think COD4 sucked too. Not everybody is going to have the same opinion that the most of the people do.

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    Terminal was amazing in mw2. The reason they brought it back was becasue they wanted more popularity for the game. Those who haven't played for a while will come back because they want to see how termianl is in this game.

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