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    Just thought Id share more of the headache this site is with the rest of ya...

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    I get this random destruction of my TV also. Also lastnight I kept getting reconnect controller.

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    Audio Feedback.. or Bleeding ear Missiles? I have heard this a few times too. Soemtimes afterward it will boot you out of the game session. The sound is like a banshee having sex with a troll.

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    Seems the problem and the steps to fixing the problem need to be taken to another level. Since the issue with the 'Audio EMP" still hasn't been properly addressed. Some have said in here that Activiision doesn't check the forums, Even though it seems to me you think they would. Since this is where you'd be able to findout the most recent problems and issues with the game. But maybe that's still the case. Then someone who works for them or knows them and comes into the forums, Needs to inform them of this continuing problem. Which to this point still hasn't gotten the proper attention

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       I see this issue hasn't been fixed yet. Seems it never will since the life cycle of this game is coming to an end. I don't think I'll be buying another C.O.D after this until Activision can prove they'll give these games more attention they deserve, By listening to what's being said in the forums to fix initial problems with the games once they are released. Too many people have had damage to Headsets and Surround Sound systems for an issue like this to be ignored or disregarded as a problem

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