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Eating Out

Now I’m all for monogamy but I just can’t help but wonder what it would be like with someone else…who used to be a sirloin steak. Picture( No, not you), if you will, the favorite foods and drinks you hold so very near and dear to your stomach and intestinal tracks. Now picture them as women!


In my mind, if…


Freshly baked, chocolate chip cookiez, were women: They’d be the girl next door. Flawless, breathtaking, gooey angelic, but waaay out of your league.

Pancakes, were women: Cute and seemingly playful, she looks like one of those anime school girls. Appearances are deceiving however, as many know she’s really just a dirty girl who loves to be covered in maple syrup and eaten up.


Steak, were women: These are the no nonsense; don’t take crap from anybody kind of women. Sure they’re attractive but if you hang on to them past their expiration date, they’ll be demanding to know about every single bank transaction you’ve made in the last week.  But if you’re into being dominated, one can promise you a wild ride, at least, for your mouth. Great with Jack too if you’re into that.


Grilled cheese sandwiches, were women: Similar to the pancake girls, they play hard to get and love nothing more than to tease you with the sound of their American cheese on the grill/pan. Once you get them though, lunch will never be quite as boring as it was before.  Unless you burn them.

GrAs, VuVú, expect to see fantasies of hammie sammies and waffulz!


Ladies, feel free to write your own interpretations as well. This thread is not meant to be sexist in anyway and I apologize in advance for anything that may come across as such.