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How many days do you have in MW3?


Shockingly, I have 14 days in this game. In the beginning, I found the game to be a blast! I was in love and constantly dropped MOABs and high killstreaks. I stopped playing MW3 a lot about 2 months ago. I went back to MW2 and COD4 because they are more fun for me. I'm not sure, but it seems like the fun factor of COD just isn't in MW3. I can't believe I put 14 days in it! The coloring is boring, the guns aren't really fun and the lag is killer. I hate the fact that I purchased COD Elite for this game. The DLC is extremely boring. I really wish they would add new guns or something.The new maps are bad, especially Foundation. Anyway, I don't know what it is, but MW3 isn't fun like MW2 was and COD4. Even though MW2 has serious hacking and noobtubes, it is so fun going for and getting a Nuke!


(Sorry for the rant!)