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Who Deserves Credit for "Shared" Kills

Currently in HC game modes, if you are damaged by an enemy and proceed to die by accident on your own - the enemy who damaged you gets credit for the "kill".


I would be fine with this, BUT if an enemy damages you and his teammate proceeds to kill you - his teammate gets credit for the kill...


Those two examples contradict each other as to who deserves credit for kills:


In #1, the first person to damage an enemy gets credit regardless of not finishing the job.

In #2, the first person to damage an enemy only gets an assist.


It shouldn't matter WHO or WHAT finishes off an enemy (even if it's suicide), the same person should get credit for the kill (obviously if you kill yourself you wouldn't get an assist).


In my opinion, the person who finishes the job should always get the kill. And if that means that I only get an assist for damaging an enemy who then kills himself, so be it.

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    YA ok, so everytime someone gets hurt they just kill themself to stop you from getting the kill.

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      You'd still get an assisted suicide. And, in the long run it would be more beneficial for them to stay alive and earn kills than to prevent yours.


      Either that, or to make sure everything is consistent, the first person to damage someone gets the kill even if a teammate finishes them off.

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    I think if a player deals at least 75% of the damage to someone, that person should get the kill regardless of who deals the last bit of damage. Anything less and the kill should be up for grabs IMO.

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    Assisted Suicide is a special case that exists in order to prevent people from killing themselves in order to deny the other team points.


    CoD doesn't use a point penalty for suicide.  Regenerating health reduces the chance that someone will intentionally kill themselves to deny someone else points, but it doesn't eliminate it.  (Particularly actions like jumping off a ledge while under fire.  If you aren't hit, you survive the fall.  If you are hit but survive the bullets, then you suicide.)  Or that people might take more intentionally dangerous acts if they think they'll get themselves killed before an enemy can get a kill on them.


    If Assisted Suicide didn't exist, then it wouldn't take long for people to start complaining that they were being robbed of their kills.


    You could also argue that self-inflicted wounds are the real special case, not Assisted Suicide itself.  (HC also has a special case for team inflicted kills, with ricochet, and a 3 kill kick rule is also such a special case.)

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    First of all the OP is talking about HC where there is no health regen, and I really don't understand his point. If you wound someone in HC, but fail to kill him, and he goes and kills a bunch of people, and one of your teammates finish him off, you get an assist. And thats all you should get, because you didn't kill the guy, your teammate did. And thats what the OP is saying...so what exactly is your point here OP?