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I know how to nerf GHOST.

The spy plane killstreak should be a 5 killstreak, not 3 or 4. With this, the perks will be more balanced because the spy plane will be less of a problem. Spy planes are a huge problem; they reveal your position (running around or camping is irrelevant) and cause death. In turn, lightweight, flak, hardline and scavenger will serve more useful.


Oh, and Second Chance? yeah, don't bring that **** back. If the entire enemy team is running second chance, and you aren't using a shotgun, then your cheated out of ALL your kills and you lose the match guaranteed.


Also, people complain about camping losers, so here's my solution: If your TIME ALIVE / DISTANCE TRAVELLED ratio is too high, then your bullets should do significantly less damage. although logically it doesnt make any sense but I'm just throwing that idea out there.

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    Or make uavs disappear once the creator dies too at 3.


    If they make spy planes,  a 5 streak, I would only make ghost slow down the sweep 3x times for uavs and 2x for the blackbird which should be like the advanced uav in mw3 and also add personal 3 killstreak uav that ghost counters, as yes the blackbird is a tad OP as it's.


    Anyway I don't find ghost to be a problem at all in blops as it is as the other tier one perks are good as well (mainly flak, though I would switch soh pro with scavenger, so that flak / ghost users don't have a faster ads and reload actually giving up something).


    It's poorly balanced in mw3 though do to 100x ways to get a red dot on the radar for free forcing people to run assassin. Crap like marksman, the portable radar & the heartbeat sensor shouldn't be in the game imo in the first place and support streaks need to be earned in blops2, no way ghost / assassin spam would be a problem then.


    Fully agree about SC.

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    I agree about Ghost/UAV and second chance.

    As far as campers, Rushers are the ones that cause problems.

    Is all they do is run form Spawn to Spawn, flipping Spawns and causing errors.

    Most people Rush because they can't shoot, they need to get up real close and get  cheap kills from behind, on Spawn errors.

    The game is suposed to be a first person shooter, not a hidder or runner.

    The only way I can be killed is from behind, people didn't buy the DLC for MW3, to many cheap deaths.

    BO2 needs to go back to the basics.

    Get some glasses and learn how to shoot!

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    emYou know the best way to nerf ghost and second chance?


    Get better at killing them.


    Simple as that. Make a class specifically to deal with ghost campers.


    And second chance?


    Grow a pair. Second chance is easy to kill. Flank them then knife them, flash/stun them or simply follow them to the ground.

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    i personally use ghost and find all the other pretty useless even if the othe team dont even get a spy plane,


    anyways about the camping, its actually a tactical game style as it gives you a better chance of surviving and more a chance of getting a kill, all these rambo style people just die and then moan because they lose

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    The spy plane is gonna be more useful in Black Ops 2, because Ghost only works if your moving so any second you stand still, or camp you can be seen on the radar by a spy plane even with Ghost