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  • 120. Foxhound's Office

    ohh nice office better than mine...mines too white...uh -oh hey man wheres the restroom?

  • 121. Foxhound's Office

    Excuse me Foxhound, I have a idea for you if you check your PM, or the thread by Dexter. *takes Original Megatron Transformer off desk and runs out room*

  • 122. Foxhound's Office

    Excuse foxhound, i have a question.


    Why does IW and 3arc keep G-launchers in the game?

  • 123. Foxhound's Office

    Foxy nice office. But how come you framimg your  lock post?

  • 124. Foxhound's Office

    Why do we have to excuse Foxhound? Did he fart?


    Anyway, as for your question, they keep them in the game because they are the best weapon.

  • 125. Re: Foxhound's Office

    *strolls in and lights Foxys liquor cabinet on fire*





    Try dealing with us forum members now without the help of alcohol!



  • 126. Foxhound's Office

    Here's your  back. Sorry I couldn't resist. It didn't work for me though.




  • 127. Re: Foxhound's Office

    So Foxy, care to talk on what is happening with the BO forums? I don't want to hear "well it should of been up". I want to hear what is really happening and what you know. I can understand if you don't know the whole story as you aren't the dev but help us out here. Some of us have been thinking this could very well be the end of BO forums but more importantly the end of BO OT.

  • 128. Re: Foxhound's Office



  • 129. Re: Foxhound's Office

    Honestly, I'm not sure how specific I can be. Let's point out the obvious first. We're moving to the JIVE platform for Black Ops (CODHQ). We're on JIVE right now with the Modern Warfare 3 forums.


    The progress has been slow, as we all know, but I haven't seen any hints at them closing the forum. So please put that fear away for the time being. Issues with the CODHQ are being addressed and I assume once everything is pretty solid they'll release the forum.


    I and my contact at Activision have a pretty great turnaround for getting things looked at and addressed on this forum. She and I will be as productive, if not more, on the CODHQ. The emails are constantly flowing and I'm doing my best to present forum issues as they unfold.


    I'm kept fairly in the loop and I'll try to let you guys know. Keep in mind that my updates aren't instantaneous and timeframes/windows are shifting as everything marches along.

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