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"balance" is boring

I say this as a cod fan and i have played good in both mw2 unbalanced mw1 pretty decently balanced world at war unbalaced cause you could hore a tank and black ops which to me was too balanced, but to me i say that balance is alot more boring than alot of unbalance thats why i say mw2 is much more fun than cod black ops, black ops was so boring at first atleast by the standard of mw2 that people had to make up exploits to make the game fun by force like spawn trapping and camping killstreaks, i was DEFINITELY a spawn trapper though i have to be truthful on that note but in my personal opinion and i believe the remaining 96% of cod players out of the 30+ million cod players actually liked things the way mw2 was and would really have liked things to stay like when the model 1887 was the way it was when the game first launched, and liked one man army, i say its not technically unbalanced to me since everyone can get the model 1887 and one man army noob tube and tack knife and lightweight marathon and commando, but if it was like in black ops with gold camos where you basically had to build up enough cod points to get gold guns, and a skilled player like me could win wager matches like crazy to get gold camos BUT not everyone was able to get gold camos that way and had to settle for earning cod points slowly or either hacking and getting cod points or some exploits, mw1s method of getting gold camos was even more unbalanced in which you had to get so many head shots just to get a gold camo and even i could in mw1 only get the sniper riffle gold camo or atleast thats all i had the patience to try to get all those headshots with, you see in these examples it shows i dont see how something is "unbalanced" just because it kills "cheap" or gives you an unfair "advantage" cause in reality when model 1887s were "overpowered" and i was a beginner in mw2 and the people who either got the game early or had been playing the game much more of a duration than me and i got shot from 20 feet away with a single model 1887 when dual wielded i didnt complain at all i just couldve either when i killed the person with the model 1887 picked up their model 1887 and used them on the opposing team or enemies or waited til i got to level 67 and got my own to use against people for revenge against people who were raping me with them, same thing with the one man army noob tube, it was sorta cheap BUT only when your in something like scrapyard and your in some spot thats hard to noob tube back at the person noob tubing you like the catwalk in the back building on c side spawn in the corner, THAT is cheap.


But i must confess i have infact camped there alot and one man army noob tubed as a matter o fact i probably infact i KNOW i popularized that spot for one man army noob tubing i used to have everyone on the map noob tubing but the fact still remains that all the elements of one man army noob tube and danger close are all elements that can be attained by anyone to get the grenade launcher is the hardest thing which only requires getting 10 kills with any assault riffle and thats not hard at all unless you suck, only sucky players to me complain about something being "unbalanced" as i have hardly every heard in my history of playing mw2 from the launch of the game til now seen ANYONE on xbox live complain in a lobby about me or anyone noob tubing or using model 1887s(when unpatched) i never heard complaints about model 1887s not once and i was spawn raping all the time with them in highrise to the point where whole teams were quitting out and a whole new opposing team replaced them and they got raped and left but i had not one hate mail or was never trash talked in lobbies at all only a couple times with noob tubing but in the end i only used noob tubes cause it is fun especially seeing that its the only real was to guarantee a multi kill or triple kill, and my God is it fun seeing yourself jump from a 2 kill streak to all at once getting a harrier with 1 noob tube shot it felt good not that i needed it but boy did it feel more fun than just using your gun, sure i can get a nuke with my gun alone but doing it with your noob tube feels so much better especially knowing you just owned a ton of hackers funny thing is mw2 hackers seemed to appear right after the model 1887 was patched then i noticed undoubtedly that the hackers began to overtake the game and now ofcourse the game is smothered by them on any version of mw2.


And this is where i come to what i meant about people having to creat their own fun in a game when too much "balance" is in a game it forces people to develop their own means of fun in a game that has much potential to be fun but that fun is supressed because of this balance campaign that so many of the internets cod fanbase of voiced complainers has dictated newer call of duties to be i assure you though things like shotguns not being secondaries and no one man army no lightweight and such and reduced explosive damage wouldnt be taken out as well as streaks being easier to hide from and blow down and not get killed by in mw3 wouldnt have happened if the crying kids on the internet that obviously were some people seriously getting raped on mw2 cause i have seen people with absolute horrendous k/ds on mw2 NEVER complain about noob tubes, one man army, ofcourse irritated by lightweight marathon and commando since they are immune to bullets at a 10 ft range and closer, or long range incredible power incredible accuracy shotguns and they too were people that werent all the times k/d hungry people but some too were ones that went after the objective, to be honest as a complainer of all of this stuff, i would be scared to with all these things being done about the stuff your complaining about to find out that even with this stuff not in the game or in the game you complained about that you still suck the same people that were raping you with one man army noob tube, tactical knife light weight marathon commando, long range powerful good accuracy shotguns and shotguns as secondaries those people who were using those things will still be raping you why? cause your aim sucks and i will still be outaiming you and outdoing you and murdering you with my streaks and my guns and skills period and any other person with these things i mean its not like your magically getting some advantage over those who were owning you with noob tubes claymores streaks long range shotguns and tac knifes are gonna all of a sudden become the ones who are getting raped no you are still gonna get raped i know people that say stuff is overpowered suck cause i never have heard of the term til modern warfare 2, so obviously someone was getting raped more than ever and things werent going there way even with death streaks and camping with cold blooded with silenced guns they were still garbage i hate to say it but bungie for the most part is much more gutsy than infinity ward and other developers of cod cause they are more willing to develop what they want to develop than be bullied by the consumer that in reality is only a small small small fragment of the true bulk of the cod fanbase and owners.


If anything i mean anything is making cod stagnant or at a state that its not adding anything new its simply probably more than anything the crying fanbase of people that want so much balance, cause infact balance is a huge ceiling on development as the developer has to stay withing the walls of what crying fans dont want in the game whereas if you just let them develop what they want the game would have much more leway to expand gameplay elements and all


after all i said i would say that this is an opinion, but to tell you the truth even though i know i will probably be disagreed with on the internet about this more than agreed with for the most part the rest of the non voiced highest percentage of cod players which are actually offline would agree with me so its not an opinion to me    

  • 1. "balance" is boring

    Can anyone understand this?


    OP, could you at least paragraph this so fellow forum members can read your post?


    #just sayin'

  • 2. "balance" is boring

    I stopped reading as soon as he admitted to being a spawn-killer, tsk-tsk

  • 3. "balance" is boring

    spawn killer? you do know that anyone that has played cod games has probably spawn killed some, i can tell that your one of the **** victims in cod games though

  • 4. "balance" is boring

    i paragraphed it but because of the page layout my paragraphs appear in the form of monologue because so much on one subject had to be placed together in each paragraph, but lets get one thing strait your not my boss and no one is i aint no neat writing time taking rough draft final draft perfectionist, and i aint tryna be im from mississippi and we dont dwell on petty crap like sentence structure and grammar precision and things and im black not a nerd black person but a more skreet(thats how we say street) type black person but just because this internet plague of complainers and balance freaks are out so strongly on the internet and i want no one having any excuses against this disposition of mine here so i will comply with your goading me to making this all in paragraph form

  • 5. "balance" is boring

    Still can't understand your post but here I go:


    Are you stating that the OMA/Danger Close Tubing was fine in MW2?

    Can't tell if you're serious or you're trolling.


    Both of these exploits ruined MW2. You only think it's fine because you used it youself and didn't feel remorse for using these exploits.


    Why do you use these exploits? You were bad & cheap at the game. You are the reason why I traded in the game. I couldn't stand you a**holes ruining the game for the players who tried to play with dignity and fairness.


    Balance is good. Only bad players think balance is bad because without an exploit, you're bad at the game.


    See where I'm going with this?


    If you don't like balance. Please for love of the community, stick to MW2. Stick with all the parasites that ruined a possibly good game.

  • 6. "balance" is boring

    also, if you suck so much with your team that you got pushed into a spawn trap, thats not my fault its better than outright camping and a spawn trap is a game design that cod games are famous for even since cod 4 if we are in domination on highrise and i secure a and b sorry your getting spawn trapped at c, BUT a skilled player can still pull off high killstreaks even in a spawn trap, i know i do VERY often just dont be an idiot and run out continually thats when you get super negative

  • 7. "balance" is boring

    I'm not your boss, yes.


    But other forum members won't take your thread seriously if they can't read your wall of text.

  • 8. "balance" is boring

    So you admit to reveling in your own noobness.

  • 9. "balance" is boring

    I refused to read all that. I'm just going with the replies.

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