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Just stop it already.

Hey troll, this post is especially for you, look at this text and READ it, and then you'll understand just how annoying and pathetic you really are.


You keep telling us that we suck, while you have no proof that you are good at this game.


You keep trolling because you're bored, well then go watch a movie or masturbate, that way you'll actually do something GOOD for once.


I keep getting confused and sad just because you keep telling people that BF3 is better on a MW3 forum, which makes no sense but oh well, carry on until you feel satisfied, i'll keep counter-trolling you.


I hate that people nowadays keep posting topics that have nothing in value, and actually makes me feel stupid even clicking on that topic.


I beg of you, please just go away to 4chan or youtube, where you and your troll-brothers could watch a movie or annoy someone, but just don't do it on a forum like this, which could have been much cleaner if you weren't trolling.


so next time,  THINKbefore you POST


Feel free directing trolls to this topic, and comment something yourselves if you feel like it, troll comments will be ignored, so don't even bother trolling here.