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Modern Warfare Music


So, 8pm rolls around. You have finished your work for the day, you have fed your belly delicious food, and you are in a pretty good mood.

Since everything has been taken care of already, you are at a loss of what to do.


While thinking of things to do, you come to two conclusions. One: you want to listen to music. Two: you want to play COD. The problem is, you usually use your turtlebeach headset when playing. You come to the conclusion that you can just connect the Ipod to your Xbox (For PS3 users, this isn't an option) but you realize that you cannot find your Ipod cable. Scratch that plan.



You decide to give up on using the turtlebeach headset for today. Instead, you just turn on your sound system that is hooked up to the tv. It might not be 7.1 suround sound, but it will do.

So, now that your ears are free to have more than just the game audio, you plug your Ipod into your stereo/Ipod dock (or in my case, "Beatbox" by Dr. Dre) and settle in for some COD with music.


What music are you playing? (Be as vague or specific as you want.)


For Mr Alpha Rogue, it is either:


Rage Against the Machine

Avenged Sevenfold


or, like I did last night,

Lights new album, 'Siberia'


Usually I listen to hard rock or techno-pop/trance while playing. The beats get me in the mood for some chillaxed video game killing.


Now I ask again: In this scenario, "What music are you playing?"