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  • 110. Re: Quickscope: Yes or No?

    Uhm, why shouldn't it be in? i see no reason for removing it, it takes more skill than spraying n praying, so people who are using assault rifles and hate QSers, shame on you.


    It's not easy to QS, it's easy to hold in the RT button on a 360 controller and just spray, that's something that does not require skill.


    Answer: it's like begging for a chicken sandwich, but instead they give you a piece of meatloaf, of course it should be in, it's fun and changes up the playstyle a bit when you're bored.

  • 111. Quickscope: Yes or No?

    No... but my POV doesn't matter...


    ... it's back in the game.

  • 112. Quickscope: Yes or No?

    Quick scoping is just a aid to people who cannot handle a rifle.

    I have a .300 win mag you can try to Quick scope a elk with if you think it so effective.

    so my answer is no

  • 113. Quickscope: Yes or No?

    I seriously hope that quickscoping isn't back in the game.  I pre-ordered the Hardened edition so I will be pissed if I spent $100.00 on a game where you can't take 3 steps without someone getting a 1-hit-kill on you.


    I think it's a vocal minority that want QS back in the game and my personal opinion is that it is because quickscoping is the "Easy Button" of CoD.  Scope in, drag across the target, hit the trigger, insta-kill.


    However....  I do think that IW will work to balance it out.  All of the weapons will have higher damage so I am hoping that the person who gets the first accurate shot (regardless of the weapon) will win the engagement.    

  • 114. Quickscope: Yes or No?

    well i hate to break it to you but cheapscoping is back

  • 115. Quickscope: Yes or No?

    I realize that but it's ability to dominate the game (ala MW2) is still in question.  I still have hope.

  • 116. Quickscope: Yes or No?

    i hope it doesnt get as bad as mw2 but we will just have to wait and see

  • 117. Quickscope: Yes or No?

    Did quickscopers really dominate MW2 though? I guess they're more common in S&D because of the final killcam


    I never actually realised people thought quickscoping was overpowered until recently, I thought people hated it because the people doing it hardly ever did well, so it sucked having them on your team.


    IMO quickscoping really doesn't have the ability to dominate like an Assault rifle or SMG does.. If a quickscoper comes up against more than one player, there's no way they should have enough time to take out more than one.. With a full auto it's easier to take out multiple players in quick succession.


    (Btw I'm not biased on this subject - according to my prestige challenges on MW2 I have 35 sniper kills in like 7 prestiges The only time I use the sniper is when I'm out of ammo and pick one up)

  • 118. Quickscope: Yes or No?

    yes i love quickscoping.  its fun to do and it testest how fast and accurate you are.  all it is, is aiming fast.  i love it and its so much fun to do.  for people that say its op go back to using ur automatic assault rifle with a noob tube and whine about every death

  • 119. Quickscope: Yes or No?

    You know it's coming back as it's been shown in the MW3 online videos. To all them people saying no it's not are obviously haters and are garbage at quickscoping and hate on it and hate on the people what are good at it.


    Quickscoping takes Skill , End of .