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[MULTI] 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit - Recruiting




No, we are not a strict, get down and give me 20, clan as one might think from our name. We have just as much fun, if not more, as the next clan. And no you don't need to have the [13th] clan tag in your name.



We have been around since July of 2009. We started out a Battlefield Heroes and Battlefield 2 clan but have spread out to Call of Duty and Killzone all on PC, XBox, and PS3. We have over 100 active members who are currently part of the 13th MEU. We have members literally everywhere; from the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Spain, Portugal, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Columbia, Russia, Romania, Germany, Poland, South Africa, Egypt, Italy, Greece, China, Japan, Israel, Slovakia, Columbia, Peru and many other countries!


We strive for teamwork, results, friendships, and having a blast. We host almost monthly Operations, Playdates, Competitions, and more. And even almost daily Server Raids where the MEU will raid a given server for hours and hours. We have both North American and European Squads who hold practices pretty often. We usually get in vent and/or xfire and just start playing.


Our Chain of Command Structure is pretty easy to learn and grow as being a part of it while being extremely sturdy and very flexible. It allows there to be leadership positions being available from the day you join to being the longest-serving member in the clan. And, yes, there are literally always leadership positions available from Squad Staff members to even our bigger chain of command positions which attain more responsibility.


Opening For

I'm submitting this post to gather players for MW3. We currently have 4 squads in the CoD division but, it wouldn't hurt to have move. Until MW3 releases, feel free to join now to play along with these squads. We are also open to create other divisions for other games. So long as there's enough players.


So come check us out at our website or jump on our Ventrilo server (13thMEU) to listen in on the fun.


How to Join

To join, you must fill out an easy application and be at least 14yrs old. Simply hop on over to the website and select "Enlistment Office" to fill out the application. A recruiter will respond on what you need to do next. Please reference this forum on the refer line of the application.


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask them here, on our site, or in Vent.




Thank you,


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