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  • 50. 4H | Behold The 4 Horsemen Ω {Wii & 360 & PS3}

    oh dude of course!


    we really need to man!!1

  • 51. 4H | Behold The 4 Horsemen Ω {Wii & 360 & PS3}

    it does, it looks really cool!

  • 52. 4H | Behold The 4 Horsemen Ω {Wii & 360 & PS3}

    yeah i know, how many more months till you are free?

  • 55. Re: 4H | Behold The 4 Horsemen Ω {Wii & 360 & PS3}

    Soon??? Tell us now!

  • 56. Re: 4H | Behold The 4 Horsemen Ω {Wii & 360 & PS3}

    I can hardly wait until MW3! I hope everyone has preodered their copy!


    Going to load to play some call of duty right now!

  • 57. Re: 4H | Behold The 4 Horsemen Ω {Wii & 360 & PS3}

    - |Me| -


    LIVE Gamer tag: Sgt Shankx


    I am 21 years of age.


    I noticed 4H on this forum, as I searched for an applicable clan to join.


    Gaming History: Hoping in refrence to current use, Accending: CoD*, Battlefield*, Gears of War*, Mass Effect*, RE5... other not relevant.  (* -played franchise)


    Clan History: [SG] Snipers Glory (yr), [613] 613 (2-3 yrs), [LHR] Loyalty Honor Respect (1/2 yr), [ETK] Elite Team Killers (2-3), [KnA] Killers n Assassins (1/2-1 yr), [SPR] Some People Run (1/2 yr)


    Skype: I could skype.




    Time Zone: UTC/GMT -8 hours standard time.


    Gaming Schedule: Weekday: 12-3 PM 10-3 AM. Weekend: When I'm awake or free from GF(weekday schedule if so).


    Prestige/Rank: In correlation to CoD4, MW2 and BO im maxed. In Battlefield I go as far, as much as I can play, being as CoDs Primary.


    Kill/Death Ratio: MW1 1.78, W2 1.76, BO 2.04, BF3 1.8. FYI this is with no clans.


    Best kill streaks: 78 in MW2 I believe. Give or take 5 kills lol.


    Game Mode: I prefer HC TDM. However, I can play any game type. Really looking forward to Kill Confirmed.


    Style Of Play: Support. I have a bad habit of knowing  where my teams at, at all times as well as enemy and spawn location. I use recon KS (spy plane, counter, SR). I was a post/spot finder (I find locations that have the best tactical advantages in most my clans.)


    Most Memorable Moment: Just a bit ago, I got a KS of 5-7 head shots across a BF3 map in 5 min, with no M-com destroyed as MVP. or.... after about a month of no BO i went 30-6 HC TDM MVP and my team still only managed to get 73 of 75 kills, still a win tho. MW2 got about a 20 head shot kill streak, fall camo, MVP.... I got more....




    What is your favorite Call Of Duty game? Explain why.

      Ouch, that's harsh. Each game has something diff. I'll go with MW2 for now. Over the yrs MW2 has in my bias opinion the best maps, cleaner graphics, and the guns and set ups have proven to be more my style, example: the tactical knife. I love to challenge myself with pistol use, and the tac knife allows me to be the gamer I like, knifing is my thing, I bested my old clan in a knife war, with the highest knife streak in the lowest time. Little things that let me pwn how I want.


    Map: MW2: Overgrown, oh yeah. Large, I love sniping,  yet with such potential to have close and dirty fire fights, or even a quick pistol fight that ends with a tac knife for a double kill.


    Weapon: Everything. I love sniping, I'm a beast with assault, and lets just say pistols should have camos and I go through and get all my guns maxed out, camos and all.


    Attachment: I'm the whisper in the wind. Silencer. Yet I tend to have a class with everything. Yet I don't use tubes, I don't even have a back up tube class.... tho my BO M14 has one, just cause it looks so sick with the side rails.


    Perk: I have 10 classes and one is for a diff occasion, if needed. I tend to max everything and use it.


    Are you willing to post on our thread often?

    I can do that. However, I don't post if i feel my input is irrelevant and I tend to post only as responses. I always have my laptop open and on while I play. Will be easy to keep up.


    Why Do You Want To Be A Part Of The 4 Horsemen?

      As read the req I noticed the clan has the same standards, and as I continued reading it became clear that a portion of the clan has the same schedule. I'm looking for a clan for 3 main reasons: To always have a group I can play with all hrs of the night. So my two cents can be properly utilized. To Win with a high K/D.


    PS I'll have Elite MW3


    Need anything else shoot me a message: Sgt Shankx



  • 58. 4H | Behold The 4 Horsemen Ω {Wii & 360 & PS3}

    On the weekend im usually on until 1 or 2 cst

  • 59. Re: 4H | Behold The 4 Horsemen Ω {Wii & 360 & PS3}

    Wow, thank you for taking the time to fill out an application! Reading your application made me happy. It's a shame that you don't have a nintendo wii! We need more guys like you on the Nintendo Wii section. Add EliteBlade4H on xbox. He is the leader of the xbox division. I will be sending him a message, letting him know you put in an application to the clan, but you might want to send him a message letting him know who you are. EliteBlade4H is will be the person who will decide whether you have what it takes to become a Horsemen or not.

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