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Rated Mature Games


So rated Mature video games say 17+ on them but I heard u still have to be 18 to buy them. I am 17 yrs old and have never bought a rated M game, I usually order online or have someone buy it for me. I dont want to go into a store to try and buy a rated M game and gets embarassed. So, can I buy MW3 without any problem in a store or will I have to order online?

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    EB Games, Gamestop, The Hut, Walmart... what else ?


    Oh and I don't understand why people can't buy a game when they're 17 and not 18, what's the difference from 17 to 18 ? One frakkin' year would make you guys more intelligent or adults ? I don't think so, this whole system needs to be reviewed !


    And I'm with you guys, I hope you can buy your games ! At least if you are 17. 12yo people MUST NOT be able to buy such games.

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      Games like Saint's Row: The Third? Those kind of M rating games? I mean seriously. The rating is M for a game that has stuff like that in it, and a game that is like MW3. Parents these days do NOT understand ratings and what their kids are playing. I'd never let my kids play games like this untell they can prove to me they're mature. I guess that's why I'm called "a mean dad"...

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    you can buy mature games at age 17 or older. Just make sure you bring id because they will sometimes ask for that if they think u don't look 17

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      if you dont look 17 then 99.99999999% of the time the child buying the game is under 18. and people under the age of 18 should not be allowed on games like COD.


      COD is a mans game not a 8 year olds baby sitter

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        I always see 10 year old kids buying rated M games. But their allowed to get the game because they have a parent with them and it doesnt matter if your 17 you can still buy a rated M game

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    No, you only have to be 17... because that's the rating. Just bring your ID cause you'll be carded for sure.