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  • 50. Forum Unification

    So true, Macc.


    I think twitter is the easiest, fastest... and I'll geek out for a second... slickest way to chat with tweeps (e.g. peeps). Twitter has allowed me to get to a know the COD HQ mods a little... and help influence playlists in BO.


    Just as important... they have gotten to know me a bit... and haven't muted me... yet...

  • 51. Re: Forum Unification

    dudeacus97 wrote:


    This was the problem on the Black Ops OT. The people that were on there for years were called the "ot vets". They were egocentric idiots. Annoying them was FUN!!!


    Now, my idiocity on the Internet is restricted to http://www.fawww.fa. That website is the biggest collection of idiots, nerds, and losers. EVER.##nfiction.net

    You just approached us in the wrong way. Spamming redundant threads, etc. You could have been respected by more people if you weren't being an idiot at the very beginning.


    I do agree that some of the users let their ego get to them a little, though.


    First impressions are virtue.

  • 52. Re: Forum Unification

    Plati speaks the truth.

  • 53. Re: Forum Unification

    I'm still writing my book

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