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In-Built Game Poll: Future COD Playlist/Weapon Updates in MW3


Hi there,


In Black Ops, we had a number of changes to some of the weapons whether they needed a buff or nerf & also to a number of playlists whether it's competitive, hardcore or the community that prefers their own customized playlist (Express playlist).


Problem with this is that not EVERYONE get's a chance in speaking up for what they would like changed in the game.


e.g. Hardcore Playlist changes in Black Ops angered alot of the players who hated their favourite HC game modes being moshed into other playlists.


This is an idea to prevent such anger in future COD games including MW3:


An In-Built Poll - For MW3 & Beyond:


A couple of weeks before a patch is released, a developer can release a poll stating if this playlist should be implemented or if this weapon requires a nerf/buff. The poll can only be answered once. This will also keep ALL of the community involved.


The forums or twitter aren't for everyone. For a hardcore gamer, they would visit the forums or twitter to see what the dev's are upto in their game.

For a casual, it doesn't appeal to them. But with an ingame poll, both hardcore and casual gamers can place their input in what they want in the next patch.


I'm a bit of both but I enjoy casually interacting with the community via the forums/twitter. I hope that if the dev's want more community feedback, may I suggest an in-game poll or an improved "message of the day" in future COD's.


What are your guys opinion on this?