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The shotgun thread, some basic information about shotguns in MW2, and 2 new shotguns in MW3, still unknown though.

There are 6 shotguns included in MW3 as far as i have seen.


1.Spas-12 (pump-style)

2.AA-12 (auto-fire)

3.Model 1887 (lever-action)

4.Striker (Semi-auto)

5.Usas-12 (Semi-auto or auto, do not know yet)

6.Ksg-12 (Also a new shotgun, i currently have no information about it)


OBS: the information about these shotguns are based from MW2, since this is the game that i played the most and i felt that they were the most effective in that game.


The spas-12 is a 8 mag pump action shotgun which has 24 ammo in spare, a quite good range, good damage and reloads with a single shell at a time. This shotgun is good for single targets, and is quite easy to handle. The red dot sight and the grip increases range by a bit, and is recommended for this shotgun.


The AA-12 is a 8 round auto shotgun, which has 8 ammo in spare, so scavenger is recommended to use this weapon. this shotgun is good for executing several enemies at once, allowing for a better chance when facing 2+ enemies at once.


Model 1887 is a lever action shotgun, which has a 6 or 8 mag (i don't remember, i would appreciate correction on this, thanks!) and is good for close range, and this shotgun is special because of the akimbo attachment, allowing you to carry 2 shotguns. This shotgun was deemed OverPowered and they had to patch it, nowadays it's weaker than the spas-12 and sometimes requires 2 shots, where the spas-12 only requires 1 if you hit on the waist, or higher.


Striker is a 12 round mag semi-auto shotgun, which allows for a longer time of shooting before reloading, which could be appreciated if the enemy team is spread across 3 or 2 rooms, which allows you to kill and then run straight to the next room, without worrying about reloading.

The striker is a fairly good shotgun, has a quite good range with medium damage, it usually takes 2 shots to kill an enemy which allows for around 6 kills per mag.


The Usas-12 and Ksg-12, is still unknown to me, and information would be appreciated.


Ciao for now.


  • Not funny at all.......

    You lost me at "AA-12 had a quite low mag on MW2 and i would be glad if they changed the mag to either 12 or 14 rounds."


    There's a reason it had such a small mag.

  • Not funny at all.......

    first of all, all of the places I have seen have 6 shotguns. check out http://www.themodernwarfare3.com/mw3/weapons-list/shotguns/


    second, like aceplace said their was a reason for the AA12 had such a small mag. I spray and pray on occasion but that brought it up to a whole new level that was quite rediculous


    third, shotguns will both have the option for range proficiencies or extra damge. which one will be better, I do not know

    • Not funny at all.......

      Well, the spas-12 is wrong, since in the cod XP event, they showed us a spas-12 who looked like the spas-12 from MW2, with a better skin ofc.


      I don't think that they'll change the whole skin of the spas-12, since the bulkier version is quite ugly and it comes from black ops xD.


      And sorry, i forgot about the striker, i just remembered that 4 days ago i watched a MW3 video with the striker in it, i'll edit some now

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    You're missing a few shotguns there...




    See Fireman0025's post above.

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    semi and auto shotguns aint really shotguns ,they are spray guns but more double barrel ,pump and lever shotguns and more bolt snipers would be nice

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    Not even gonna bother reading this with such dark text on the black background, from the comments i don't even want to try.

  • Not funny at all.......

    Well excuse me, but something happened with the font, i don't know what, and i already said that these were all of the shotguns i had knowledge of, that i knew existed in MMW3.


    And no i am not a corner camper, i'm a scavenger rusher, and the reason for a bigger mag is because if im in the middle of 4 guys and i shoot 3 of them, the fourth guy is gonna kill me because i ran out of ammo, that's why i would want a bigger ammo.


    And if you want to camp, then you'd better not use a shotgun, they suck for camping, snipers are basically made for camping, and i barely use snipers, maybe if i feel like quickscoping.


    But i mostly use sub-machine guns and some burst assault rifles.


    There, i don't feel like writing anymore right now..... So sleepy -.-