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How to keep CoD from becoming stale



Let me know what you guys think. Also please subscribe!

  • How to keep CoD from becoming stale

    Now you know FoX is around.



    Though I think they have put some things in to freshen it up.
  • How to keep CoD from becoming stale

    Maybe the monthly downloadable content, which will included game modes, will address some of what you were talking about. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

    • How to keep CoD from becoming stale

      is this monthly downloadable content going to be free/cheap?

      thing that sucked about BO was the cost of the map packs that were released.


      The money that they are making from the franchise they really need to give something back and give the fans some free map packs.

      • How to keep CoD from becoming stale

        I heard the monthly updates will be Call of Duty Elite Premium-exclusive. Regardless, I'm still paying for Elite for a year's subscription so I can't complain about the $50 price tag for free DLC for a year. I also heard that the new game modes will also be included in the map packs for non-Elite Premium members, so they get in on the fun too.

  • How to keep CoD from becoming stale

    The only way to stop COD from becoming stale is to go back to the 2 year development cycle with only one developer, IW did a great job between COD1, 2 and 4. If they sack Treyarch and SH Games and just let IW do the work and make MW4 for 2013 all will be good, but that wont happen

  • How to keep CoD from becoming stale

    i think you are on to a fair point here but with :




    Team Death Match ( including Mercenary )

    Capture The Flag

    Ground War



    Free For All

    Bare Bones ( including pure,classic & Teamtactical )


    Wager Matches ( which has 4 different modes )

    Mosh Pit

    Team Tactical


    ontop of all that we also have Co-op and also theres "kill Confirmed" but do we need anymore online game modes.. ?


    I really like the idea of "King Of The Hill" as thats always a favourite... i think regarding the video of that guy saying about there's to much envisage on spawn trapping/killing what if when we spawn we could choose 3 different destinations on where to spawn if the maps were a little bigger.. this way it would be harder to track down spawn points.. ? either that or your untouchable when you spawn for 5 seconds or when you fire your gun.. the spawn slaughtering will always go on because its a way of getting cheap kills for the less able but i think my idea's would also help..


    just thought of another game mode in "Last Man Standing" which we could also play as "Team Last Man Standing" which could start off with 12 a side like in ground war with a total of 24 players.. how good would that be ? winning that would be an acheivement ? could even implicate that game mode in with other type's like bare bones etc where we have no killstreaks which would be really realistic..


    Other game mode's could be "Snipers Only" or certain weapons only etc.. kinda knowing what your up against & the winner of that would be classed as the best with that gun or best in field etc..

    There's loads of other type's of game mode's that could be implecated but its knowing where to stop lol.. also i suppose in "Resistance 1" there was a game with NODES where you pushed the enemy back which was also fun bit like "WAR" in WaW which i also liked.

  • How to keep CoD from becoming stale

    Make a new one every year. Wait what?

  • How to keep CoD from becoming stale

    too late?

    • How to keep CoD from becoming stale

      I agree that the franchise has become stagnant; however I'm trying to think of ways to change that rather than just rant about how bad everything has become.

      • Re: How to keep CoD from becoming stale

        easy. stop catering to casuals. stop catering to everyone one.  and if the rest cant keep up, go find another game.


        but this is about money. nothing more, nothing less. the continual degenerating mess of a game so they can maximize their bottom line.


        wake up. stop paying for cloned, rehashed, over complicated, gold plated fecal matter. 


        make mine, RESPAWN ENTERTAINMENT!

  • How to keep CoD from becoming stale

    Pop it in an air-tight container and put it in the freezer.